What to Look for in an Apartment

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Did you find a job in Minneapolis or a better school for your college education? Were you thinking about a new ambiance or you want to explore a new neighborhood? Are you looking for a place to live and start your own family? Now, let us find the best apartments that Minneapolis have.

Every family has a lot of things to consider when looking for an apartment. Commonly the number one reason is the location. Location is the top priority because we all want to be accessible in anything such as the grocery store, school, church, metro station, major highways, market, and even parks especially when you have kids, should be serviceable by house cleaning services this is important especially for those who are very busy and still wants to maintain the cleanliness of their homes. When you are renting it is very important to have a regular cleaning because a well maintained home is not prone to damage and if you are living in an apartment taking care of it properly can save you from tons of fines. Less damage when you move out the lesser fines you will pay.   

Price of the rent is also significant for every family, no one wants to pay a skyrocketing rent every month unless you are a billionaire where you do not need to think about your expenses, just kidding. Well, going back to monthly rental payments, I also ask about the utilities that are included and not included in the rent. Of course, who does not want to save some money? Utilities such as electricity, water, sewer, trash, and gas are mostly the ones that we pay separately but other apartments offer it for free, not technically free but the owner prefers it to be included in the rent and sometimes even cable, phone, and internet services are also included. Also, we should consider the amenities inside and within the apartment.  

Here are some of the amenities that we should look after when choosing an apartment: 

Swimming pool

I really love to spend my summer afternoons in the pool and since I have two children, It will be a great venue for us to have some family bonding even without going out. It does not matter to me how big or small the swimming pool is for as long as it is not that crowded, however, we cannot avoid it from happening during summertime.

Fitness Center

One of my daily routine and I consider it as a hobby as well, it is going to the gym. I love working out and burn calories and every morning, both my husband and I go to the fitness center and workout together. 

Dog Park

This is also important for me because we have two dogs, mochi and trigger both of them are just less than two years old and because they are still young and playful, they really love to take a walk and play outdoors. 

Outdoor BBQ Grilling Area

Our family loves to barbecue, during weekends we normally go to the supermarket and have our groceries done and during either Friday or Saturday night, we will prepare pork, chicken or seafood for the barbecue. Also, I find this idea as a great avenue to meet new friends and neighbors and mingle with them.


It is not that necessary but if there is an available Spa, it will be a big plus for me. I work full time 5 days a week and I always give myself an hour or two “me time” at least a day every week to have some time to relax and pamper myself by getting a massage or do some yoga. 

Common Fireplace or Sky Deck

In case the outdoor barbecue grilling area is not available, I would prefer to have at least a common fireplace outside or a sky deck. I am cheerful and very friendly so, I really love to know, get along and be friends with my neighbors.

Apart from these things, I also consider some amenities inside my apartment and those are: 

Washer and Dryer

Doing the laundry is a house chore that I do by myself, well, apart from cleaning the entire apartment. I consider it as a must-have because I do not want to go outside and look for a laundry service, spend the extra money and turn out not to be satisfied with how they washed our clothes. I do not care if it is a full-size washer and dryer or not, all I know is that I really hate hand washing the clothes. 

Wide Glass Windows

Having wide windows allow you to obtain natural light from outside which also means you do not need to turn on your lights during the daytime and because of that, you will be able to save some money. 

Full-size Kitchen Appliances

I want to have ample working space in the kitchen, I love baking and cooking so much and I preferred the modern stainless steel appliances. 

Walk-in Closet

I know women will understand, but come on, who does not want a walk-in closet anyway?

Here are some of the best apartments that are also serviceable by the top brands of maid cleaning services in Minneapolis:

  • COZÉ FLATS - Located at 628 University Ave SE

  • BLUE - Located at 2922 Aldrich Ave S

  • FOUNDRY - Located at 3118 W Lake St.

Now that you have your checklist and you were able to look for and choose an apartment and set everything up, then it is time for you to contact a professional to help you do the move-out and move-in cleaning services for you.


Gladys Perez