Teaching your Kids the Household Chores

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What is the right or best way of raising your kids? Do you have any idea? Do you have a step by step process on how to do it? Are there any success stories that you can show me? What is the best way to raise your kids? Is one of the hardest question to answer. Really! Why? Because there is no best way, proper way or a rules that you need to follow to raised them well.

Every child is different. They have their own uniqueness and characteristics. That is why you cannot follow other parents ways on how they raised they’re kids. You need to know you kids more, to understand and find out how are you going to guide them, teach them, and approach them.

One more thing that you can teach your kids at home is how to be a responsible person. Yes, it should start at home, from you and not from school or from other person. How are you going to do that? By involving them in doing household chores. And you are not just teaching them how to be responsible. They can also learn some skills that they can use when they turn into adults.

They will also learn the relationship skills like communicating, negotiating, cooperating, and working as a team. Now, the question is how early can you start involving them in doing household chores?

As early as pre-schoolers you can already give them simple chores like picking up after themselves. Cleaning up their toys after playing, you can also start them to train in putting their dishes away after meal, and picking up their room every morning.

You will start teaching them by creating a chart of photos for the steps, since at this stage they cannot read yet. A chart with pictures of each task can jog their memory about what they need to be doing.

After your child completed a chore, give them simple reward to make the more motivated in doing the chores. Older children might need bigger reward to stay motivated.

While for teens, you can start teaching them how to clean your bathroom, sweeping the floors, and dusting. This is the stage that they will start to understand the meaning of the responsibility and how they will apply it. At this stage, you don’t need to give them rewards because it is one way of teaching them they need to help their family in cleaning houses.

But, paying your teen an allowance for doing extra chores can be a good way to start teaching your child financial responsibility.

For teens,sometimes is the hardest part because they are already building their own circle of friends. They will be occupied of going out with friends or being busy at school. But you need to get their attention and let them understand and teach them how they can manage their time. At this stage, they can learn on how to prepare meals, doing the laundry, cleaning the whole house or what we called “the life skills”.

They will also use these skills when they start to live on their own, they can be independent and not dependent onto others. Make them realize that you not just giving chores but they can use it in the future when they start to build they’re own family and have kids.

In involving your kids in doing chores, make them feel that you are working as a team and not as in individual. Show them how to cooperate and brainstorm. Let me make mistakes and correct them right away, but don’t punish them yet. Remember, this is they’re training ground to properly learn on how to do household chores.

At the end of the day, what important we as parents was able to teach our children the importance of being responsible, how to follow steps, how to be cooperative, how to be an independent, and most of all you get to bond with kids while teaching or training them. I know that not all parents will agree to this kind of bonding, instead of teaching their kids, they will just hire a cleaning lady to do the job.

I am not saying that hiring a cleaning lady is a bad thing, actually it is more convenient to hire a house cleaning services especially if you are a working mom. But what I am trying to say is, it is also important that your kids know how to do it on their own. Believe me or not, someday they will thank you, for teaching them on how to do household chores.

I understand that being a parent is not an easy task. Actually, this is the hardest job that you can have. You are required to spend quality time with your kids, do the laundry, cook meals, and report to work. Work can really make you busy, it can take so much time from you even the time that you should spend maintaining the cleanliness of your home. But assigning simple tasks to your children can help, let them make the bed every morning or wash the dishes right after using it, those simple ways can lessen the work load and you can simply leave the rest of the job to professional cleaners that are just a call away. Simple tasks can be made by your kids or other family members, but the complicated ones needs to be made by professionally trained cleaners to make sure that it is properly cleaned and well taken cared of. Basic household chores can be assign to your kids in a daily basis but you also need to consider having your home deep cleaned. When you let your kids do some household chores it is given that they can’t tackle everything, there are some areas that will be missed especially the important and hard to reach areas. Don’t hesitate to reach out to trusted maid services because they have enough knowledge and fully equipped to do the job.

Another benefit of hiring a professional home cleaner is that instead of dealing with piles of household chores it will be lighter or you can even leave everything to the professional cleaners letting you do other more important matters or for you to enjoy your free time. Let yourself relax no need for you to worry where to start of how to start cleaning your messy house let the professional cleaners do it for you.

They can do almost all of the cleaning, from top to bottom. They can even clean the exterior windows for you. Cleaning the exterior windows are not easy especially the higher once. For your safety is it better to hire a professional window cleaner because they are professionally trained to clean windows no matter how big or high it is. They will assure you that your windows will be crystal clear and you will never regret hiring them.  

Aside from window cleaning there are more additional services that a cleaning company can offer you. Just like Karen’s Green Cleaning Services, what’s even great is that their services are done in a safer method using their green cleaning solutions. You’re getting the most by just simply hiring your trusted home cleaning company.

Ma Alyssa Leonardo