Useful Tips From Carpet Experts

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A few months from now, It will be summertime and it is said to be the best time to have your carpets clean. It does make sense because the temperature is warmer and we can have all the windows open and so we can let the air circulate freely inside the house. It will help the carpets dry easily.

I know that some of you are also planning to have your carpets cleaned and also, some of you are now thinking whether you will hire a carpet cleaning service or you will just do it yourself. Summertime is also the busiest days of the cleaners especially the ones that are professional when it terms of carpet cleaning and most of the time they are fully booked and sometimes, we do not have a choice but to pick the least performing carpet cleaning companies just to have our carpets cleaned because all other better companies are unavailable due to overflowing of scheduled bookings. I suggest you get in touch with the cleaning company prior to like at least a week or two before your preferred date of the appointment and set a regular appointment instead of a one-time appointment because it will not only save you time and effort in phoning them over and over again but also, you can get discounts. It will help you save some money and will have a hassle-free transaction.

We want to take good care of our carpets to avoid purchasing and reinstalling a new one. As much as possible, we all want our carpets to last for a long time. However, sometimes, we cannot avoid accidents that will affect your carpets such as pet accidents, wine spills, pizza or pasta sauce stains, and a lot more.

In this article, I will give you some tips on the do’s and don’ts in cleaning your carpet and have it last longer.


Properly Vacuum Your Carpet - vacuuming every day is not bad for carpets for as long as you are doing it correctly. There are proper ways to vacuum, first is you have to vacuum in a single direction, it’s up to you if it is going to be from up to down or from left to right (horizontally or vertically). Also, vacuum according to traffic. You can go over and vacuum the carpet twice for those areas that are frequently passed and just do a single pass for the areas that are not often being passed.

Rotate Your Furniture - Rearrange your furniture once in a while because it is heavy and if you let it sit in just one place for a long period of time, it will damage your carpets and leave a mark or worse is tear your carpet apart.

Place Separate Mats In and Outside the Door - I suggest to use a water-absorbent type of doormats especially in wintertime time for snow-covered shoes or wet boots.

Treat Molds Immediately - We do not want molds and mildew to grow and build-up, it will not only ruin our carpets it can also affect our health and make us sick.

Treat Stains Right Away - Act on stains right away before it is too late. It is easier to remove and treat fresh stain rather than old ones that have been there for a long time.

Deodorize - Who wants to have a stinky carpet? Of course, no one would want that. You can spray deodorizers and use a humidifier to keep your carpets dry or you can pour some baking powder all over the carpet and have it sit for overnight then vacuum it the next day, baking powder will absorb the moisture of the carpet.

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner - It is still better to consult a professional because they are the one who knows it best. Contact the best carpet cleaning services company near you and let them take care of the carpets for you.


Vacuum New Carpets - Let the brand new carpet sit and be conditioned for the next six weeks first before having its first vacuum. I suggest using a hand sweeper or a sticky lint roller instead.

Over-Wetting - When cleaning the carpet, make sure not to soak it really wet and use only an ample amount of cleaning solution so that the carpets will dry easily because of over-wetting the carpets will build-up and grow molds and mildew, it also has the tendency to stink and instead of having it cleaned, it will attract more dirt and dust, in short, it will destroy your carpets.

Rub Stains - Never ever rub a stain because instead of treating just the affected area, it will just spread all over the carpet. Instead of rubbing, go get a warm water spray or pour a little bit onto the stained area and blot or dab it with a clean and dry cloth.

Wear Shoes - Do not wear shoes inside the house, better leave your shoes outside before entering or you can buy a pair of slippers that you will only use just inside the house. Most of the dirt and dust are from the outdoors that your shoes carry.


Gladys Perez