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St. Paul is one of the most quiet place, but it is also one of the busiest city in the State. People are all working hard, and they barely have time for some of the things that have to be taken cared of -- like cleaning the house.

House cleaning is a task that should never be disregarded. You may spend most of your time outside the house, but at the end of the day, you will still be coming home - and you may come home tired and exhausted. You need a clean and cozy place where you can rest, relax, and refuel yourself for the next day to come.

Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN will be your best partner in maintaining the level of cleanliness, and happiness, in your home. We are trusted by thousands of clients who, like you, once had a problem in cleaning their home. Now, they are happily enjoying a nice and clean home always, even without the having to touch the broom even once.

We offer various types of cleaning services that could be customized based on your preferences and your cleaning needs. We are flexible enough to provide you with cleaning services that is tailored fit to what you really need.

Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN offer residential cleaning services, apartment cleaning services, condominiums cleaning services, townhouse cleaning services, and commercial cleaning services. We can also customize the cleaning services to fit your cleaning needs. Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN is also known as the best maid service in the Twin Cities, and it was proven by hundreds of satisfied and happy clients that we have.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Services in St. Paul, MN

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Maintain the Aesthetics of the House

A proper maintenance of the house requires time and effort. With us, being your cleaning partner, we will take care of your property as if it's ours, and we will make sure that you will always have a beautiful, and presentable home. Side from that, you can be confident that we will let you know any details in your home that may need your attention. That way, you could prevent unnecessary replacement of anything, and prevent any damages or further damages on your home. It's like having someone watching over your home, all the time.

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Less Stress for You

Whether we admit it or not, house cleaning could be stressful at times. Most especially if you do not have the tools, or if you lack the correct cleaning supplies, it could be a challenge, and you could have been doing other things that are more important than spending your time on figuring out the best way to clean, when if fact you can have an expert take care of it for you effectively and efficiently.  Also, according to studies, a dirty and messy home could contribute to the stress level that a person is carrying, in the same way that a clean and tidy home could lighten up the mood, and lessen the stress.

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Enjoy your Free Time

Have you ever evaluate yourself, and see if you are spending your 'free' time wisely? You never have too much free time, and it is not worth it to spend it only in house cleaning, when you have more important things to do. You deserve a lot better than that! It is your free time from work, and you should have been spending the time on other more important things - like resting or relaxing, having quality time with your family and loved ones, spending some 'me time,' better leave the house cleaning to those who knows how to do it best and loves to do it for you — Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN.

Types of Cleaning Services in St. Paul, MN

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Standard Cleaning Services

This is the most basic cleaning services that we offer in St. Paul. This is most recommended for homes that is being cleaned regularly. Here are the tasks included in Standard Cleaning Services:

Cleaning of floors - We used a swiffer system that could work on all types of flooring. If you prefer your floors to be vacuumed, please do let us know ahead of time. Also, please advise us if you want it to be mopped instead and prepare the mop and bucket as well, as we do not bring those items to prevent cross contamination between homes.

Basic dusting and wiping of all exterior surfaces

Basic dusting and wiping of areas within reach (we can only use a 3-foot step ladder, if provided to reach high areas such as ceiling.)

Cleaning of kitchen and bathroom - Basic scrubbing of the areas

Cleaning of Bedrooms(including making of beds) - Please prepare new set of linens if you want us to change the beddings for you.

kitchen cleaning services in St. Paul

Deep Cleaning Services

This is a more thorough and more detailed type of cleaning service. An extra time will be allotted, and this extra service will focus mainly on the kitchen and bathroom areas. Kitchen and bathroom needs the most cleaning, and our company have perfected a way to clean and keep these areas clean. Deep cleaning services will also entail a heavy duty scrubbing in those areas mentioned to remove all dirt and stains. Although deep stains and grout may not be removed, as you will be needing to hire a professional grout remover for that.

move in move out cleaning services in St paul

Move in/Move Out Cleaning Services

Transferring of residency is already a big thing, and a complicated task. A lot is already on your plate, and Cleaning Services St. Paul would like to help you carry some of the burden by taking care of the house cleaning. We also prepared variety of extra services that you may want to add on your service order for a complete and thorough cleaning. We made sure that the cleaning services that we are offering are customizable enough to attend to your cleaning needs and preferences.

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Newly Renovated Home Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN also offers a service that is designed for newly- constructed or newly-renovated homes. The problem that are mostly encountered is the dirt and dusts that settled on all parts of the house. Aside from it takes effort and time to remove it, it could also post risk to your family's health and well-being, especially when inhaled. Our company offers heavy duty cleaning services to help you get rid of those little monsters.

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Recurring Cleaning Services

This is the most sought after cleaning service that we are offering in St. Paul. Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN has launched a program for people who want to make us their cleaning partner. If you want an expert to take care of your home, then this is the best cleaning service for you. A maid will be sent to your address on your preferred frequency of visits, and you will not have to spend time on booking every time. This offer is available to everyone, and great perks are definitely waiting for you.

Perks of Subscribing to Recurring Cleaning Services

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Have A Trustworthy Cleaner All The Time

We may not be able to send the same cleaner all the time, but you have the assurance that our company values your trust and loyalty, that is why we are only letting the best and the most honest people to join our team. Also, we will keep your details on file, and all your cleaning preferences will be followed and considered all the time. We will also make sure that you are always aware of what’s happening, and we will definitely send you updates about all the cleaning services that will take place. You will always be heard and your concerns will be taken cared of on a timely manner.

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Great Discounts

As a token of good will for your loyalty and for choosing our company to be your cleaning partner, we are giving out discounted rated to those that are subscribed to our recurring cleaning services. The amount of the discount will be based on the chosen frequency of visit. The more frequent the visit is, the more discount, which will mean more savings for you in the future.

fast cleaning services

Save Time In Booking

If you are subscribed to our Recurring Cleaning Services, our system will automatically set up an appointment for you, based on your preferred schedule and time. You can also choose the frequency of visits that you will need the house cleaning services. We can go to your address on a monthly basis, every 3 weeks, every 2 weeks or even every week. You will be prioritized, and a slot will be reserved for you ahead of time. We'll be sending you reminders as well through your email address to let you know about your upcoming service, so you can make changes or arrangements should you need to have it changed.

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Monthly Recurring Cleaning Services Discount

every 3 weeks cleaning services.png

Every 3 Weeks Cleaning Services Discount

bi weekly cleaning services.png

Bi-Weekly Recurring Cleaning Services Discount

weekly cleaning services.png

Weekly Recurring Cleaning Services Discount

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Cleaning Products We Use 

Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN supports advocacy that protects and help in the conservation and preservation of the environment. To keep a sustainable business, we promise to use only green cleaning products that are safe not only for the environment, but also for your whole family as well. Green cleaning products are all natural, and non-toxic, and it does not contain strong chemicals that could harm nature and the people around.

green cleaning supplies


This is a plant-based cleaning solution that aims to provide a strong cleaning ability, while keeping it light for the environment. This brand is also known to be one of the most sustainable company in their field. From their formulations, to packaging and logistics, the company is making sure that their processes are sustainable and eco-friendly.

non toxic cleaning supplies

Mrs. Meyers

This cleaning products are formulation and mixed with essential oils that are known to be good cleaning agents, as well as air freshener. This will leave your home spotless, clean and fresh! Not only that, their packaging looks cool, and could be a great display on your home as well. Many people are choosing this brand because of that.

Areas We Service 

We service the following zip codes in Saint Paul, MN

55101, 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55106, 55107, 55108, 55113, 55114, 55116, 55117, 55118, 55119, 55130, 55155

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 Why choose Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN?

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Top-quality cleaning services

Through years of practice, our company has mastered the art of cleaning. For us, it is more than just a job that we need to finish, but a passion. Our goal is to always provide an excellent service, and everyone in the company is working hard to do that. This is also to support our city's goal to make the place 'The Most Livable City in America.'

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Green and Clean

We are sustainable, and eco-friendly. With all the drastic changes on the climate, people are aware that we should start changing our ways, and stop abusing nature and environment. No one would take care of it but us, and we could start it by choosing to go green, and using green products if we have a chance. That's why our company has pioneered a green cleaning services in St. Paul to help people start living a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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Cost- efficient

Our price includes all fees and charges, as well as the green cleaning products and supplies that will be used in the cleaning services. After booking an appointment, all you really have to do is to relax and wait for your booked schedule, and we will do all the work for you. No hidden charges! So this is definitely one of the most affordable green cleaning services that you could find in the city.

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Locally-owned business

St. Paul is trying to build a sustainable city, and one way to support it is by patronizing locally-owned businesses. It benefits you as well, because we are located near you, thus, we can easily go to your address every time that you are in need of our cleaning services.

world class customer care.PNG

World class customer care

We pride ourselves with the best and world-class frontliners. Our account executives are friendly, welcoming and approachable. They will be there for you to guide and assist you every step of the way, until you are satisfied and delighted with the cleaning services from us. You are always our number one priority, and establishing a great customer care team is one of our ways of taking care of you.

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Professional Cleaner

Our staffs are well-trained and has the right set of tools and skills to provide a top-calibre cleaning services every time. They are also professional, trustworthy and reliable - values that we share within the company.

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Seamless Booking Experience

We always want to make it easy for you. That is why we provided many options for you to reach our cleaning services. Booking for a cleaning services in St. Paul has never been this easy. Think of the easiest way to book an appointment, we have that.

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 Learn More About St. Paul, MN

Another half of the Twin Cities, Saint Paul is the capital and 2nd most populous city in Minnesota (the most populous is its twin, Minneapolis.) The city's goal to be 'The Most Livable City in The US.' The city has been consistent in terms of new developments and urban planning in the past years, and with the completion of the Green Line LRT, that goes straight from Union Depot to Target Field, the city is starting to emerge as a regional multi-modal transportation hub.

Alongside, it is also emerging as a central business district. The city launched a 'Rebuild Saint Paul' in 2010 with hopes to build a city that has a unique mix of retail, arts and entertainment, quality of life, prosperous businesses, and open green space. Through private and public funds, the city was able to start different projects and programs that provided more jobs for its people.

Historically, Saint Paul is known as the last city of the East, because it was built to follow eastern standards such as: city squares or parks, towers and turrets, lofty arches, Baroque domes and elaborate adornments abound. The city is ideal for families, as the place is quiet, serene, and there are many places, about 160 parks, where a family could bond and build a stronger relationship.

Places to Visit in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul is packed with historic attractions, and plenty of places to visit with your whole family. Here are the top-rated tourist attractions in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

It is the home to variety of species of animals. They were housed in their natural habitat, and the main goal of the park is to preserve and conserve. It was built in year 1915, and today it is widely known as one of the go-to attractions when visiting St. Paul. Beside it  is the Como Town, a family amusement park with rides, a zipline, kids' activities, and entertainment.

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State Capitol

This is a prominent feature and an architectural highlight of St. Paul. It was constructed year 1905, and is now known as one of the best and iconic place in St. Paul, Minnesota. There is an hourly guided tour in the area, that could help you learn and enjoy the beauty of its historical and cultural roots.

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Minnesota History Center

The center focuses on showcasing the history and features of the state. It has a lot to offer, and it has permanent and changing exhibits that cover different topics about the state, from Civil War to the effects of climate change to the state, name it, they have it. the center also offers lectures, workshops, activities for families, and hosts various events. It is also where the famous  Gale Family Library is located, that displays different exhibits about different topics about the state as well.

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Summit Avenue

This used to be the homes of St. Paul's millionaires. It is the largest and longest collection of Victorian building in the whole United States. There were 440 mansions originally, and 373 of those are still standing up to these days. It stretches from Cathedral of St. Paul going 4.3 miles up to the Mississippi River.

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Cathedral of St. Paul

Considered as the city's most prominent landmark, Cathedral of St. Paul is a scale version of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, and is situated at the highest point of downtown. It has a capacity of 3,000 people, and it regularly hosts different concerts all year round. The details of the Cathedral are so intricate, that it took 30 years to finish its interior. The Shrine of the Nations surrounds the sanctuary, symbolizing the contributions of immigrants in the history of the cathedral.

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Science Museum of Minnesota

This is go-to museum if you want hands-on exhibit. They also have an Experiment Gallery, where you can participate, and create your own tornado! Isn't it great? Plus, they have permanent and changing exhibits that deals and tackles different topics and areas of Sciences. This museum will stimulate your curiosity and imagination, not to mention that they also have an Omni theater that has a massive screen, where they present various films.

There are other great places to visit in St. Paul, and if you are from the city, we will understand it if you may not have enough time for house cleaning. Guess what? You can leave the cleaning to us - go out with your friends and family, enjoy the beauty of the city, and go back to a clean, and spotless home! Book our services today for a chance to experience a never-before level of cleanliness and happiness in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions -Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN

When is the best time to book for a cleaning service?

A week in advance is the most ideal. Although we recommend securing the appointment as soon as you have decided to go for it, because our days are getting filled up fast.

How to guarantee a booking?

To secure a booking, you will have to provide necessary details as well as you credit card information. Also, you will notice a temporary hold of the amount few days before the cleaning service. The final charge will only happen once the service has been rendered. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

How many maid will you send?

We are sending one professional maid per cleaning project. Rest assured that all our cleaners are well-trained and knowledgeable enough to work effectively and efficiently.

How long does the cleaning services take?

A standard cleaning services usually take 2-3 hours to finish, at an average. Although if may vary on the size and the condition of the house as well.

Will I have to provide the cleaning supplies?

Cleaning supplies and solutions that will be used in the cleaning service is already part of the price quoted to you. We only use green cleaning products, to ensure that it is safe for you and your whole family.

Do you send the same cleaner every time?

It depends on our availability. You can request for the same cleaner, and we will have it noted on your service order. Although we ask for your understanding if there may be times that we will not be able to send the same cleaner to you for factors that could be beyond our control. What we can promise is, even if we cannot send the same cleaner, the quality of service that you will receive will still be the same.

Do you accept gratuity?

We do not have a gratuity system to be followed, because gratuities are neither required nor expected, but is highly appreciated. You can give a cash directly to the cleaner, or you can request to have it added on the service order, and we will include it on the total amount that will be charged to you.

Do I need to be home during the cleaning service?

You are welcome to be, but please know that we do not want to compromise your schedule or your daily routine. You can trust us that we can work independently even without supervision. The quality of service will still be the same, we will still provide an excellent and satisfying result for you every time.

Are your company insured and bonded?

Yes, Cleaning Services St. Paul, MN is insured and bonded.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel the appointment anytime, but there would be a $70 late cancellation fee if it will be canceled within 48hours before the scheduled appointment.

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