An Effective Way of Cleaning a Bathroom

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Cleaning the bathroom is the least favorite to do with anyone in the house. In our home, whenever someone would ask our parents a favor and they granted it, we need to clean the bathrooms in return. Yes, you read it right, bathrooms. We have two full bathrooms at home that has almost the same size, and we are six in the family. My mom is the one who always cleans the bathrooms and only my dad has the immunity to do it.

The bathroom is the most used room and is shared by all of the people who live in the house. I would probably say that it is the dirtiest area inside anyone’s house. With that being said, it needs to be maintained clean, deodorized and disinfected to avoid getting your family sick. It is prone to viruses and bacteria that someone can acquire and pass to any other members of the family that is not yet infected.

So, in order for us to avoid getting sick, we need to keep our bathrooms clean and fresh. This article will give you some tips and tricks to clean your bathrooms effectively and efficiently.

Here are the materials that you are going to use in cleaning the bathroom:

  • Microfiber Cloths

  • Squeegee

  • Double-sided sponge

  • Disinfectant spray

  • Cleaning toothbrush

  • Tub and tile cleaner

  • Mopstick

  • Rubber band

  • Glass cleaner

  • Glass cleaning cloth

  • Toilet bowl brush

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Paper towel

  • Garbage bags

You may also use vinegar and baking soda instead in replacement of using a glass cleaner. It promotes green cleaning and also, it will help you save some money.

Always remember to clean from left to right and from up to down. Let us now get started.


Pre-soaking, tidying, and organizing - Pre-soaking is important in cleaning the bathroom because it helps us save some time and effort. You do not want to scrub and brush surfaces and using all-purpose cleaner over and over again because first, you do not want to spend more on buying a bunch of all cleaning solutions and second, of course, you want to save your effort in scrubbing and brushing and get you tired easily that you might not be able to finish cleaning the entire bathroom because you are already exhausted.

I normally start it by removing all the unnecessary things inside the bathroom like the laundry. Organize all the things on the countertop by checking all the bottles and tubes and throw away the ones that are expired and empty. Pre-soak the toilet bowl by putting tub and tile cleaner and then spray a mixture of vinegar and baking soda or all-purpose cleaner in the bathtub and on the walls.


Dusting, cleaning, wiping and polishing - Start from the top, dust off and wipe the ceiling by using a mopstick. (get a mop stick and place a fiber cloth at the tip and secure it with a rubber band)

Using a mopstick with a cloth, dust the ceiling and the exhaust fan and then once it has been cleaned start wiping off the countertops and then remove everything from your cabinets, first-aid, drawers, and shelves and then wipe it off. After that, replace or put back everything where they were before. Wipe off the toilet roll holder and the towel rail. Wipe off the window using a clean microfiber cloth. Brush the toilet bowl, wipe the toilet seat using a paper towel so that you can just throw it away after. Scrub the bathtub and walls using a double-sided sponge. Clean the shower heads and faucet. Rinse of the bathtub and walls after and then dry them using a squeegee. Wipe off the mirrors using a glass cleaning cloth and a glass cleaner. Then, when you are done with everything it is time to clean the sink.


Disinfecting garbage and floors - This is the final stage and final touches are what we are going to do.

Remove the garbage in the garbage bin and replace a new garbage bag. Disinfect the doorknobs, light switches, faucet handle, and toilet flush by using a disinfectant spray and wiping them off after. Once you are done, clean the floor by using a mop but I suggest to use a cloth and wiping it manually starting away from the door.

And we are all done. Easy right? Hope that these steps will help you clean your bathrooms easily and quickly. You can always clean your bathrooms yourself or you can also contact the nearest house cleaning that is available near you. Hiring a professional cleaner is also beneficial because you do not need to buy cleaning materials as it is provided by the company. You can do some other stuff and you can just leave the cleaning in the hands of the professional cleaners while shopping or doing the groceries and other more important matters. Regular bathroom cleaning is not enough because there should be a scheduled deep cleaning especially in these areas where the traffic is so high. Professional cleaners will not only clean these areas but they will also disinfect it to make sure that it is properly cleaned. They will use their unique professional techniques to give you that spotless and sparkly clean bathroom.  

DIY cleaning can help you save money but what is saving compared to hiring a professional cleaner when you can’t clean the hard to reach areas or you do not have enough time to thoroughly clean your bathroom. You can get a maid service at a very affordable price. A cleaning lady can clean not just your bathroom but also your entire house and also take care of other household chores. Your rest day is not just set to do the cleaning of your home but you can use it to give quality time to your family and do other important things. You can book for a scheduled deep cleaning depending on your needs. Remember to only choose the trusted maid service near you to ensure quality results.

The benefits of hiring professional home cleaner especially for bathroom cleaning.

Professional home cleaner can guarantee you the best cleaning results possible.  Trusted residential housekeepers exerts great care and effort in fighting against soap scum and other unsightly buildup just to make sure that you will have a clean and shiny bathroom. 

There is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in each and every home. It is a place where we freshen up ourselves and make ourselves ready for the day.  

Professional cleaners are equipped with top to bottom cleaning solutions. Because sanitation is very important. With Karen’s Green Cleaning Services they can guarantee a safer way to your bathroom’s cleanliness. Being in the industry for years the team can deal with different kinds of dirt leaving you a fresher, cleaner and sanitized bathroom.  

You also have the freedom to schedule the cleaning according your needs and convenience. There are several and easiest ways to book a cleaning service with Karen’s Green Cleaning Services, you can call, send a text message or an e-mail or you can also book online on the website.

Gladys Perez