Organization Tips for Pantries and Cabinets


Like refrigerators, cabinets and pantries are difficult to clean, maintain and organize because things that we put inside our pantries and cabinets come and go. It even makes it more difficult depending on how many times we go to the grocery to have it replenished. There are times that we tend to just put everything together in one place. It is really an eyesore if you see carton boxes, plastic bags, and paper bags all over your pantry or even inside your cabinets. It is even much harder when we do not notice that the food we have there inside is already expired.

We are not just spending money, sometimes it can also make us sick. You can hire professional cleaners to do it for you, here in Minneapolis, there are cleaning services that are reliable and efficient that can help you. 

There are lots of things that a cleaning company can do for you, since kitchen is the heart of your home and it is one of the busiest areas at home it tends to get messy faster than the rest of the areas in your home. Kitchen is where you prepare food for your family it has to be clean. It helps a lot to hire a professional cleaner that will do the kitchen cleaning for you. Your kitchen needs to be deep cleaned and it has to be maintained, that is one of the benefits of hiring a professional cleaner because you can book regular deep cleaning schedules with them to make sure that each month your kitchen will have that quality deep cleaning.

There are several ways to keep our pantries and cabinets organized and clean and there are also things that a must have so that we can keep our food fresh and tasty and of course have our cabinets and pantries nice and clean.

All-purpose spray/cleaner

There is a variety of these that you can choose and buy in the market. Make sure that all your cabinets and pantries are empty before applying this all over the place, this will serve as a disinfectant to avoid molds that can be harmful to our food and health. Also, make sure that the cabinets are all dry and cleaned before placing all baskets and containers.

Wall Papers

It is good to see if the pantry is wallpapered, it serves as a decoration and an accent to your pantry. Like in other places and rooms inside your home, you want it to be unique and to be able to distinguish what type of room it is. 


You can use hooks by hanging it inside the cabinet doors to maximize space.

Clear Containers

It does not matter whether you have a plastic or glass ones, the important thing is that you will be able to see what is inside of the container. Making it visible will help you take what you need and also will save you time from opening each and every containers. 

Air-tight Containers

It is also important that you have an air-tight container, this will keep your food fresh and best tasting.

Stickers/Label Maker

Even though everything inside the containers is visible enough, we need to make sure we label each single containers reason being is that sometimes there is food that are identical to each other, we don’t want to put salt in our coffee instead of sugar, in short, we do not want to use incorrect ingredients.

Lazy Susan

This is also very helpful in organizing because it will be easier to pick something especially if you have a small area, you can just simply stack food and instead of having troubles reaching the ones at the back, you can just simply turn it around and pick whatever you need.

Baskets and Trays

Baskets and Trays are also useful because you can just simply take food that can be stored together like bread, individually wrapped biscuits, granola bars, chocolates, candies and many more.

Once you already have these things ready, then you can now organize your cabinets and pantries depending on your preference like where should the containers will be placed or where should the baskets go. Just make sure that all the things that are being used more often are the ones that will be more accessible and easy to reach because these things are the ones that can be easily consumed and often being re-stocked or replenished. You may also want to stack or sort them by category especially if you have a larger sized pantry so that you know which side of the pantry you need to go.

Here are some tips to consider that will be helpful and effective in organizing your pantries and cabinets:


Separate or divide your cabinets and pantries into zones and identify their categories that will suit your preference then label each section like baking needs, condiments, snacks etc.

Access it with ease

Put all everyday items in front or at eye-level so that it will be more accessible and those items like party need at the very top shelves (unless you party every day). Those things that you don't normally use can also be stored at the very bottom cabinets.

Synchronize your Containers

Match all your containers in various shapes and sizes to look more presentable and neat.

Make the doors useful

You can use the doors as an extra space for storing food particularly the small ones. Just simply create shelving where you can put all the spices or even the small canned goods or some snacks.

Label it!

This will help you easily find the right ingredient that you need either when you are baking or cooking.

On the board

Invest in black boards or cork boards so that you can list all the ones you have, the ones that are almost gone and the ones that are already gone and needs to be re-stocked or replenished. Also, you can use it in planning your menu for the day.


Make a Do it yourself chip-clip rack for easy storage of snacks and chips. Make your unfinished chips stay fresh and crispy. Also, stack the new ones, there is a chip-clip rack that you can simply hang in the doors to save space inside your pantry.

Check your stock regularly

Another tip so that we can be sure that the food we have in stock are still good to eat and not expired yet. Make it a habit to check them once in a while and write them up on a piece of paper or write it on your chalkboard. This is to prevent us from eating perished food that can make us sick.

Now that you have everything all set, look for cleaning services that you can hire to clean the cabinets for you. You can now customize and organize your pantries and cabinets. Apply all these tips to give it a new look and total makeover.

Gladys Perez