How to Steam Clean Carpet Yourself

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After all the past occasions we had last year, like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, we are now facing another challenge in cleaning off those carpeting in our homes. Most of us spend hundreds of dollars just to have our carpets cleaned because carpet cleaning is not easy you need to consider a lot of things including time. You should spare enough time to clean your carpet if you want to do it on your own. But for convenience, in Minneapolis most homeowners opt to hire a cleaner to do the carpet cleaning. Imagine how convenient it is to be free from the hard work of cleaning your own carpet and at the same time you can get that 100% assurance that your carpet is properly cleaned because professional carpet cleaner are well trained on how to clean your carpets without damaging it and at the same time making it like new again. If you want both convenience and satisfaction in cleaning your carpet the best solution is to get the amazing service of carpet cleaning from home cleaning companies. They can clean more than just your carpet to give that perfect new sparkly clean look of your home you can also get an entire home cleaning if you choose to.

For those who are in a tight budget and doesn’t really want to pay for carpet cleaning,

here are some tips on how to Carpet clean yourself:

What does Steam Clean Carpet mean?

Steam cleaning means to clean carpets with a machine that produces hot steam. It uses water and soap to help clean carpets thoroughly.

  • Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro

Designed for carpet cleaning, this lightweight equipment is very effective in cleaning carpets. It is also efficient as it takes only about an hour to dry your carpet and it adjusts the amount of formula automatically. Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro has a low profile foot that easily maneuvers under and around your furniture. It offers 3 types of cleaning modes such as express clean, deep clean and max clean. This equipment costs $269.95.

  • Bissell Big Green

It has an extra-large power brush that pulls out deeply embedded dirt and powerful suction that provides professional carpet cleaning. Bissell Big Green is not only designed for Carpet cleaning, but this also can be used for cleaning upholstery, low pile carpet, and stairs effectively. The price is at $499.99.

  • Rug Doctor Wide Track

Wide Track Carpet Cleaner With Upholstery Cleaner has a folding handle for easy storage and it is also ready to use as it does not require assembling. It also has 6-inch wheels that help easily maneuver and reach the hard to reach areas in your home. With the vibrating brush, it helps clean the carpet fiber thoroughly. This product is being sold at $749.94.

  • Hoover Steamvac

Its special feature is high-velocity suction that helps remove dirty water and detergent leaving your carpet thoroughly cleaned. It also has dual tanks that are easy to fill and keeps the solution and dirty water separate. The 20-foot power cord lets you keep cleaning without re-plugging. The suggested retail price is $292.59.

  • Kirby Avalir 2

After the success of Kirby 1, Kirby 2 was released with a wide range of accessories that help you do different tasks. Its features include pile adjust system that is very convenient to the user since you can just easily adjust the height of the floor head and pick up dirt easily. It has a powerful LED headlamp that is very helpful because it illuminates the vacuum’s path. Self-propulsion is another feature that helps easily maneuver, push and pull effortlessly while cleaning. Kirby Avalir 2 vacuum alone costs $1,499 but it can cost as much as $1,994 with all the accessories included.

I will now teach you what to do first before cleaning the carpets and rugs. Of course, we want to make sure that everything is all set before we start cleaning to avoid interruption, and save some time.

First of all, we need to make sure to vacuum first before starting to do carpet cleaning. While the carpet is dry, it is easier for us to remove the dust and other visible dirt on the carpet. Pick up all the items on the floor such as books, magazines, toys, slippers etc. Transfer the furniture and all other smaller pieces such as side tables, stools, and lamp shades into a different room to be able to make sure that the room you are going to clean is clear from any obstacles. Dust all the area around you like the blinds, windows, door knobs, baseboards, and others just to make sure that there will be no dust falls on your newly vacuumed carpet. Now that we are done with these steps, we want to make sure to treat stains (if any) before steam carpet cleaning because of the heat from the machine can make stains harder to remove, sometimes if you have experienced, the stain comes back after a few days.

These are some tips on how to remove a different type of stains like for dried paint, you can use Goo Gone. Just spray it on the surfaces that are affected, then wait for a few moments and using a putty knife, lift the paint off. You can use a mixture of baking soda, white vinegar, dish washing liquid, and warm water in removing other stains such as pizza sauce, red wine, and coffee. Just simply mix them all together in a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area, wait for a few minutes and then wipe it off with some clean and dry cloth.

Once we removed all the stains and make sure that everything is clear and no more obstacles around you then we can start cleaning the carpet. Using any of the carpet cleaning machine mentioned above or alike, just simply put water inside the tank with your chosen cleaning solution that you can buy in the market then start pulling the machine slowly back and forth and you can also tilt it by 90 degrees afterward for better results. If you do not want to use chemicals in cleaning your carpet, there are other alternatives that you can use like warm water with baking soda, dish washing soap, and distilled white vinegar. In order for you to get rid of the smelly carpet, you can use baking soda by spreading it all over the carpet and leave it overnight, baking soda will absorb the carpet’s bad odor. Also, you can use a mixture of borax, water, and liquid detergent as an alternative. Borax will help your detergent do a better job by removing hard water chemicals.

On the other hand, you can still ask for help from professional cleaning services and carpet cleaning services near you.


Gladys Perez