Bedroom Organization Tips

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A bedroom that is dirty and disorganized will make a welcoming atmosphere for unwanted insects and bacteria. Since we just usually close the doors of our bedrooms, we tend to forget about cleaning. The longer time that you leave your room uncleaned the more chances of it accumulating clutter and dirt.  Cleaning your bedroom is very important because it is the place where you get some rest and good sleep.  

You may not realize that a disorganized and a dirty room can affect your mood in a negative way. A psychologist named Sherrie Bourg Carter said that a dirty and disorganized room can even cause depression. She explained in "Psychology Today” that if you eat the right amount of food along with proper exercise it can keep your body at its best shape but you should never ignore your mind and health too. Bedroom is every person’s personal space. It is where you recharge your body, wake up and most of the time it is where you spend your alone time. A bedroom that remains uncleaned, won’t be pleasing to your senses. Relaxation will be difficult or it can also trigger guilt because you let things get out or your control, according to Carter. So you should beat the mess so you can avoid the blues.

Most people are very busy nowadays that even cleaning a small bedroom can be impossible to find time doing it. So it stays, dirty, disorganized and even the bedding might not be changed regularly. These days, even for cleaning problems like this has a modernized solution. There are lots of cleaning companies that are available in different places. You can simply hire a cleaning lady that will help you keep up with your cleaning schedule. So it will easier for you to have a well maintained, organized and clean bedroom that will let you sleep and relax properly. It is really helpful to get a cleaning service because it makes your household chores easier and lighter. A cleaning lady can do so much, aside from cleaning your bedroom, you can also get a service for entire home cleaning, There are also additional cleaning service like, carpet cleaning, doing the laundry and the dishes, window washing, cleaning your appliances, to making your beds and a lot more. See they can help you in so many ways when it comes to home cleaning. No need for you to worry when can you possible have time to do the cleaning because the cleaning ladies will do it for you. You will have a peace of mind that your home is clean and free from bacteria, mold and allergen build up so it means that by just simply hiring a home cleaner you can already keep your family away from sickness. You can choose to schedule the cleaning depending on your needs, it can be once a month, every other week, every two weeks depends to you but always remember a regular cleaning is needed to have a spotless clean and fresh home.

Our bedroom

is the place where we take some rest after a long day. We do not want it messy as it will be an eyesore and we will not feel relaxed if it will be the case. That is why we need to ensure that the room where we sleep is always clean, fresh, tidy, and organized. A clean room is very important for our health, simple cleaning and organizing every time you wake up can help but we still have to do general cleaning at least once a week to make sure that we cover everything that we missed during our busy days. For those who doesn’t want to spare some time cleaning during their time off can simply hire a cleaning lady to do the job and ensure a well maintained bedroom. Though some people doesn’t want to do the extensive cleaning there are still few things that needs to be made each day to make sure that you can sleep better at night in a tidy room.  

Here are some tips on how to properly clean your bedrooms and make it inviting:

Make Your Bed

This is the most important things to consider in maintaining a clean and organized bedroom, this should be done everyday normally in the morning after we wake up. Tidy up your bed by rearranging all pillows, blankets, and bed sheet. Start it by removing everything on the bed and place it in a basket or if you have a bigger room, I suggest you invest for a blanket rack, It will be easier for you to tidy up and fix everything on your bed instead of throwing everything on the floor to make your bed. After removing everything, fix the bed sheet and ensure that the bed sheet is perfectly fit with the size of your bed. Next is your pillows, make sure to always have a clean set of pillows. Change your pillowcases once every week. Now, place the pillows on the headboard side of the bed. Lastly, fold your blankets and place it on or beside your pillows.

Night Table and Dresser Drawers

Always minimize the things you put on top of the drawers, for the night table, a lampshade, an alarm clock and maybe a photo frame are enough, do not put a bunch of stuff on the night table to make it look more presentable. It also goes with the dressers, as much as possible do not put anything on top of it and use the drawers instead, speaking of drawers, make sure to always keep it clean. Declutter inside drawers at least once or twice a week to avoid insects such as cockroach live in it. Lastly, wipe down in and outside of the drawers regularly to avoid dust from building up we do not want to get allergies because of the dust.

Under the Bed

This is one of the commonly missed area when we are tidying up our rooms each day because of the busy schedule we tend to just clean what can be easily seen. Dirt and dust accumulates under the bed and it advisable to do thorough cleaning at least once a week ensure that it is cleaned and vacuumed regularly.Seek help from professional cleaners to maintain your bedroom’s cleanliness despite your busy schedule. By properly cleaning and organizing you can also maximize the space under your bed, you can have an open space or closed space under your bed where you can use as another storage for clean blankets, pillowcases, comforters, and bed sheets. The space under the bed is very convenient especially for small bedrooms, it can be used as storage instead of investing for dresser drawers that can eat up a lot of space in your bedroom.


This is highly recommended especially for small bedrooms, placing artwork on the wall is best instead of putting it on top of your dresser or night table drawers. This s a space saver tip, you can give life to your small room without making it look crowded. It is also great to relax your eyes by looking at those masterpieces. Lean some bedroom decorating tips to make your space more relaxing and pleasing to the eyes.

Minimize the Furniture

If you have a small bedroom, I suggest to minimize the set of furniture inside your room. We, of course, want to move freely inside our bedrooms and we do not want to have it crowded. A bed, a night table, and a pair of small chairs will be perfect. We do not want to put a sofa set inside the bedroom since we have a living room for that anyway.

Headboard Storage 

Maximize the use of your headboards, you can create and customize hidden shelving for storing magazines, books, and other reading materials.

Bedside Multi Pocket Holder 

You can purchase this online or in the market, it is best to use for small accessories such as remote controls, gadgets that you normally use like tablets or smartphones, chargers, and even your favorite book.

Trash Bin 

Never forget to put even a very small trash bin that you can place in one corner of the bedroom to put small trash like paper and tissue, but make sure to empty the bin every day.

Just make sure to clean the bedroom regularly and if it is possible, open the window widely so that the air from outside can circulate inside the entire bedroom, it is best to do to avoid the bedrooms from the unwanted smell and naturally deodorize the room. If you do not have a window, I suggest investing for an air humidifier to remove the moisture and keep your bedrooms dry and clean all the time. Choose a light color paint for walls and ceilings as it helps the light’s performance for better lighting. Also, wipe off the headboard, bed frames, dressers, and night table every day to avoid dust and dirt build up that can cause allergies that affect our health. You can also get some tips on how to properly clean your bedrooms from the experts or hire a professional cleaning service that can take care and do the cleaning for you.

Gladys Perez