Falcon Heights: The Home of the Minnesota State Fair

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“The City That Soars!”

The home of the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus

Have you ever been to Falcon Heights, “The City That Soars!”? I’m sure most of the Minnesotans have been here because this city is where the famous State Fair is being held annually. Let us explore more about the city of Falcon Heights.

The city of Falcon Heights is located just ten minutes away from both Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul. With the total area of 5.80 square kilometers or 2.24 square miles, the city has about nearly 5,600 in population. It became a village in 1949 and in 1974, it soon became a city.

The State Fair is being held in Falcon Heights every year with over two million visitors. This year’s State Fair will start on August 22, 2019, to Labor Day, September 2, 2019. Expect a bunch of activities that you can enjoy during the event, there will be fairgrounds events such as Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic, MWCA Weapons Collectors Show & Sale, Riders & Ribbons Horse Show, and Flat Track Motorcycle Racing. There will also be a lot of fun activities and shows that you can try like Grandstand Shows, Shows and Activities, Free Live Music and Shows, Rides & Attractions, Booths, Showcases and Education, and Buildings and Stages. There are a lot of things to do and places to go to in the city of Falcon Heights.

Best places that people can visit in the city:

Community Park

Who does not want to experience and visit the largest park in Falcon Heights? The park is located at 2050 Roselawn Ave just near the intersection of Roselawn and Cleveland, upper northwest corner of Falcon Heights. It is the home for city events as well as many recreation programs and can be rented for picnics, parties, events, and reunions. You surely will enjoy and maximize the use of the park amenities when you celebrate your family reunion here such as enclosed park shelter with bathrooms, kitchen and multipurpose room, BBQ grills, park benches and tables, and picnic area with pavilion type roofs and since there will be groups of people that will attend your event, you do not need to worry about the space for your vehicles because there is a parking lot and off street parking available. If you are a sporty type of person, you will love the tennis courts, basketball courts, softball field, and soccer field and to keep you fit, use the prairie with walking trail, exercise stations for your morning exercise. The children will also love the playground equipment and pleasure rink, however, it is only available seasonally. There is also a community park building and upper picnic area that you can use exclusively with amenities you can enjoy during your parties such as indoor bathrooms, multipurpose room with tables/chairs, full kitchen with oven, stove, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and sink, trash receptacles, BBQ grills, and picnic tables. There is also a community garden inside the park and is located on the southeast corner of Roselawn & Cleveland. Most of the locals choose to spend their free time in one of these amenities. People here really enjoy and maximize the amenities that they even opt to get house cleaning services instead of spending their day off just to clean their respective houses. Families are relieved knowing that there are trusted cleaning companies that saves them from tons of household chores without spending too much because cleaning services are offered at a very affordable price. Imagine how lucky they are? Going home to a clean and well kept home after having a great family bonding.

University Grove Park

Another park that you can visit in the city it is located at 1600 Coffman Street which is in the southwestern corner of Falcon Heights that is commonly known as the University Grove neighborhood it is open for public with amenities such as seasonal pleasure and hockey rink, exercise stations, basketball court, softball field, park benches, picnic tables, street parking, and playground equipment.

There is also a Geocache Trail, what is geocache by the way? This is is an outdoor recreational activity that brings technology and nature together. It was first played in the year 2000 wherein the players use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile phone device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek waterproof containers that are called “geocaches” or “caches”. For the sports hunter, it's known as "Caching" but it is typically called a treasure hunt. Geocaching combines the old-fashioned fun of a treasure hunt with the high-tech feel of online games and is a perfect activity for families especially grandparents who want to get in on the experience too! Now if you are living near the University Grove Park and planning to spend quality time with your family but you don’t know how to escape the chores at home? Let me help you, learn about the benefits of hiring a cleaning service. It will definitely help you decide when do you need to hire someone to do the cleaning for you. Your personal touch is important when it comes to your own home, but there are times that we badly need the help of the professionals. Because there are certain tasks that you can’t do due to lack of proper cleaning knowledge and cleaning tools or equipment and that’s the perfect time to seek for help from the cleaning experts.

Now I am sure that you got excited with these places that you can go and visit in the city of Falcon Heights and just a reminder, whenever you travel to different places, we need to keep in mind and follow whatever rules and regulations a city is implementing. They do it not just because they want to but it is for everyone, who would want to go to dirty parks? Who would like to play in a playground with trash everywhere? No one, so let us be responsible and considerate to nature and have fun visiting the city of Falcon Heights.

Gladys Perez