When is the Best Time to Re-Paint your House?

Having a new home is a big achievement as an individual or as a husband and wife. You are not wasting your money anymore for renting. You are about to save a lot of money because of it. But having your own house comes with a big responsibility as well.

You will be the new inspector of your own home. You need to make sure that everything is working smoothly. Some of the things that you need to maintain well are the painting of your walls and other surfaces of your home which is known to be the finishing touch of your house to make it look perfect and awesome and also its cleanliness which you can easily keep up with the help of house cleaning services that you can easily book for regular cleaning schedules or just a one time service. 

But, when do you know is the right and best time that your house needs to be re-painted? Is there any clue or signal that its a go already?

In my own experience, I created a check list that needs to be follow before I decided to re-paint the exterior or interior of my house. Admit or not, having your house re-painted is very costly and it will really hurt your pocket and budget. That is why I came up to this list.

For Exterior

Exterior is the most exposed part of the house and suffering from sudden change of weather. That is why it needs to be check from time to time. But typically, for new built homes, exteriors can be re-paint after 5 years if you are picky but if not, 10 years will do. Just make some little maintenance.

Checklist for my Exterior: 

  • Faded shades 

  • Deep Scratches because of typhoon or calamity 

  • Holes 

If it doesn’t look presentable anymore 

These are the 5 major things that I am checking before I decided to re-paint the exterior of my house. And in my 15 years of living here, I already re-painted my house thrice because I want it to stay the bright white that it have and not the dirty or off white. I always want my house to look the same, the day that we move-in.

For Interiors

For my interiors, I always do some retouch paint every 3 years. It’s a must for me because I don’t want to see any faded colors inside my house. It makes me feel so stress and dirty every time I see a faded paint inside my house. Plus, when you have visitors, painted walls is one of the first thing that they will notice and praised.

The checklist that I created for my interior is very simple. Here it is:

  • To many holes 

  • Faded Shade 

  • Damage because of furniture 

  • Scratches because of my kids 

  • Oil residue due to cooking 

This is the checklist for my interior. For my Kitchen, I always do a retouch every year because of oil splash in my walls when I am cooking. And I hate seeing those marks because of oil. And speaking of oil splash you need to have a regular cleaning on your kitchen or a scheduled deep cleaning that will scrub off stubborn dirt on the walls of the high traffic areas in your house including your bathroom and this job can be perfectly made by trusted cleaning services in Minneapolis.  

Hiring a professional painter will definitely make your life easy and will not hurt your budget so much. They are professionally trained in painting and they know what is the best brand and type of paint for your exterior and interior. Plus, they can help you find a budget friendly paints and materials that they can use. They will also provide a timeline on when it will be finish and guaranteed that it be will be done on time. Another important thing especially after the interior paint job is the cleaning after painting. Because it will surely leave a mess and you wouldn’t want to see your house messed with paint. Leave the mess to the cleaning lady and enjoy your brand new looking home after.

But when is the best time to implement this?

In painting your Exterior, your main consideration is the temperature outside. Spring time is always the best for exterior painting. You usually do not want to paint your house if the temperature is below 40-50 degrees, as most paints will not hold up under those kinds of temperatures. Also, painting during high temperature is not a great idea, your paint might dry too quickly and worst is you will get brush marks and paint clumps.

This is also the best time to make your house, stand out from the other houses in the neighborhood because no one can appreciate your newly painted house if its covered with snow.

Also, giving your house a new paint will prolong the life of its material and you will have a strong protection if there is any typhoon coming.

While for Interior, humidity, extreme temperature, and winds can drastically spoil the entire project. If not taken care properly, it can take a toll on the durability of the job.

Winter is the best time to repaint your interior. You will get low rates for labor, because they don’t have too much job to accept during this time. Materials like paint have a low demand, so sometimes you can take advantage on products that is on sale.

Also, interior can be done fast because painters can work 24 hours in shifting schedule. They don’t need to wait for the sun to come up to start working as long as you have a good lighting inside your house they can continue working.




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Ma Alyssa Leonardo