Dividing Household Chores in the Family

Are you fighting about who will wash the dishes, make the bed, sweep the floor or put the garbage out? Are you the eldest or the youngest? Should the youngest have the least tasks and the older ones get to have the most?

Most of the moms are the ones who take care of everything at home. They prepare breakfast in the morning even everyone is still asleep, cook lunch so that once that her children come home from school they can have something to eat. She is also the one who makes the family’s dinner making sure that everybody will have their meals before going to bed. They also take care of the dishes after every meal, wash our dirty laundry, clean the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, in short, she is the one who takes care of everything inside the house. Do you want to help your mom with the household chores so she can at least have some time to rest?

There are a lot of household chores that need to be done in a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep your homes clean and fresh. Let us list down some of the things that most of the people normally do.

Make your bed, load or empty the dishwasher, taking out the rash, wipe off the sink, counters, and tables, wipe down toilet seats, floors, bathtub, sweep the floor, and picking up the toys are the chores that we have to do and maintain daily. While mopping and vacuuming the floor, checking and throwing away expired food, changing and washing of bed sheets, towels, and pillow cases, dusting and wiping all hard surfaces and appliances, wiping and disinfecting mirrors and counter tops, and scrubbing and disinfecting kitchen sink, showers, toilets, and bathtubs is done weekly and disinfecting light switches, doorknobs, and remote controls are done on a monthly basis. These are some examples of the household chores most people often do.

In order to divide these chores equally and avoid the siblings from passing the tasks to another sibling, let us do these tips on how to divide the household chores evenly:

Create a Schedule Chart

In creating a schedule chart, you will need to put the names of the involved members of the family, the tasks that they need to do and the schedule when and how often are they going to do the household chores. Make a master copy of it that you can post somewhere that will be visible to everyone and also make a photocopy that you can give to each member.

Do a Family Meeting

Call all the members of the family for a meeting. Tell them right away what is the meeting all about so they will not get worried. Give each and everyone a copy of the schedule chart you have created. Discuss to them the tasks and schedule that each individual will perform, make sure that everyone will agree on each task and schedule.

Be Fair

Always be fair, that is why you are designating the chores equally to each member. The eldest does not need to have the most schedule or the most number of tasks to perform, also, the youngest should not have the least tasks and should not also be exempted in doing household chores, unless he or she is not old enough to do these tasks.

Have a Rotation

Remember to always rearrange the schedule from time to time and have a rotation of household chores and schedules for each individual so that everyone will be able to perform and everyone will be able to experience doing all of the tasks that you will assign to them.

Consider asking help from a professional

A professional house cleaning services will still be a great help because they are knowledgeable and well-trained when it comes to cleaning your house. They have the most effective methods on how to make a house sparkly clean and fresh. They use the most powerful tools and types of equipment to get rid of all the dirt, stains, and annoying dust in the entire house. You can book an appointment with the cleaning service company near you and just have a family bonding instead. You can go to movies, go shopping or even have dinner with the entire family because you do not need to be present at home while the cleaners are performing the job.

It may be the best decision to hire a professional cleaner for doing the weekly, every other week and monthly tasks but for the daily task, you can still have your children and train them on doing it so that when they grow old at least they know how to do household chores themselves. Once they have their own families, can also do the same practice so that their children will be trained as well.

For now, those heavy duty cleaning is better to be given to the professional cleaners. They can handle it better and you are guaranteed the best results. Especially that you have children, quality cleaning is very important. Young children are very susceptible to sickness causing germs. That is why a good quality cleaning is very important. Hiring a professional cleaner will not only promise you but will sure give you best results. They are properly and professionally trained to give quality cleaning. Their thoroughness will assure you that every corner will be cleaned no matter how hard to reach it is or how stubborn the dirt is.

Hiring professional cleaner will greatly help in keeping your home clean and organized. Being organized and clean is a big deal especially if you have kids, when they are studying they can focus very well, I mean who can concentrate on doing something if they are surrounded by piles of dirt and clutter? Right?

If you are stressed and it even became worst seeing those dirty corners of your home, leave it to the professional home cleaners. You can go out with your family, go to the park, eat in your favorite restaurant, watch a movie, spend a day at the park. Do whatever you want relax and enjoy. Leave the cleaning to the professional cleaners and go back home to a fresh, spotless clean home. Don’t worry about leaving your home because with Karen’s Green Cleaning services your home is in good hands, they will treat your home as if it is their own. This company is trusted by many they will not only clean your home but also ensure safety cleaning using their Green Cleaning services also known as Eco Friendly cleaning.  

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Gladys Perez