Move Out Packing Tips

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There is really no such thing as a goodbye, it might be farewell for now but you never know, you might see those people that you are hanging out with again in the future.

Moving out is one of the most tedious things to do, from preparation to actually move out. Sometimes it feels difficult to let go of either the things that you loved or the house that had been your home for years and also the neighbors that have been nice to you who wave hi and smiles whenever they see you. For sure, you will miss the neighborhood and the things that people celebrate together and the places that you and your family and friends love to go to.  

Who doesn’t want things to get done easily? right? What are the things that we can do to make things less difficult? How should we start? 

There are a lot things to consider about during a move, and normally things does not always go as you planned. Hiring a professional cleaner can help you make your moving experience easier and less stressful.

If you hire a processional cleaner when you are moving to a new place you can prioritize and focus on other important things that needs to be done when moving. First of all you need to think about is to clean the place before leaving, organize your stuffs and get them ready for packing. When your things are organized it will be easier for you to pack them, and at the same time the transition to your new home will be easier too. Deep cleaning and emptying spaces of your old place can be stressful and hard, you don’t know where or how to start but you need to do all of these to make sure the place is well kept before leaving and it will help you get your whole security deposit and no need for you to pay hundreds of dollars of fines. No need to think about cleaning checklist because the professional cleaner already knows what to do and where to begin. All you have to do is check on other important matters to make your whole moving experience easier.

The most difficult task to do when moving is packing your things, what are the things that we must have when packing? What needs to be done in order to have everything organized? What should go first or what will be the last thing to pack?

Let us learn some tips on how to pack when moving out.  

Declutter by Sections - do the decluttering one section at a time, you do not want to pull everything out and put it all together in one place. It is better to do it this way to avoid damaging the things that are still in good condition. You can start doing it per room such as the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, pantry, living room, and the dining area.  

Assort your Things - assorting things depending on classification is important so that it will be easier for you to put the things together inside the boxes and easier to label as well. 

Wipe Everything - make sure to wipe each and every item before putting inside the boxes to remove the dust and dirt. Use a microfiber cloth for better cleaning.  

Donate - Choose the things that you no longer need and schedule a one-day move out sale in your garage or donate old things that you are not going to bring with you when you move out. Throw away the things that you think can no longer be used especially the broken ones.  

Get or Purchase Moving Boxes - choose different sizes of a box because you might need a larger box for huge items and a smaller box for heavy items.

Check if you still have the original boxes for electronics and appliances - it is still best to use the original boxes for electronics and appliances because those things are very fragile and needs more support. Imagine your flat screen television inside a cardboard box, it might get damaged while traveling especially for a long drive.  

Stop Buying Groceries - do this at least a week before the scheduled move out to avoid throwing it out. You can also ask friends if they are in need of some of the goods that you do not want to bring along with you and just give it to them instead.  

Update your Address - change your address from the old to the new one at least a week before moving out so that you can still receive important letters or documents that you are expecting and to avoid delays. 

Cancel your Services - cancel or request a move of services such as landline, cable, and internet a week or two before you move. Of course, these services are also important and you do not want to move into a house without an internet connection especially if you are a student or working because it is a necessity for you.  

Take pictures of electronics set up - this is important to avoid confusion when setting it up in your new house. Sometimes, electronics set up are complicated, we do not want to do it incorrectly that will tend an electronic device not to work properly.  

Defrost your Refrigerator - do this at least 24-hours before moving out and make sure to empty your fridge.

Prepare the Packing Materials - make sure you have all the necessary packing materials ready such as: 

Padding supplies - soft material usually foam or cushion that is used to stuff something such as fragile or sensitive things that can break or damaged. 

Bubble wraps - made up of plastic that is used support for things that can be broken or deformed when to put some pressure or if squeezed in.  

Wrapping sheets - used to wrap glass made things like drinking glasses, mirrors, and etc.  

Newspapers, blank newsprint paper - can be used to wipe glass and mirror . 

Scissors - used for cutting. 

Heavy-duty packaging tape - used to ensure that the boxes are closed and secured.  

Labeling stickers - used to label boxes and containers. 

Marking pens - used also for labeling containers and boxes for better sorting. 

Box your things - put your stuff inside the boxes and label them accordingly. Use a marker to put a label on each box whether the things inside are fro the dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.  

Loading - load boxes from the same rooms together and start up with the set of heavy furniture first.  

When you choose to hire professional cleaning service you also choose thoroughness. Because when you are moving you might miss to clean some areas especially when you are in a hurry to move or you just squeezed in moving to your very busy schedule. When it comes to cleaning, professional cleaners will guarantee that they will clean every corner of your place and for your appliances they will clean the inner and outer part of it, including your cabinets, and even crevices that are usually missed with normal cleaning only. Always remember that you need to schedule the cleaning ahead of time to avoid inconvenience and to make sure that you take note of the tasks that you need your cleaner to do for you.

Getting a professional cleaning service will provide you a guaranteed peace of mind. So if ever that the new tenant or landlord is not satisfied of the cleaning service they can simply call the cleaning company and it will no longer be against you. They can also maintain the cleanliness of the place few weeks before opening it to the possible new owners. As a result their cleaning skills and techniques will help the place look sparkly clean and kinda brand new condition. You will be at ease that the new tenant will not say anything negative about you regarding how the place looks like when you left it.

Having a clean home after moving simply means an great fresh start. The home is well prepared for the new tenants and so they can concentrate on unpacking their belongings and taking care of other important matters rather than cleaning their new place. A clean place that you left will serve as a present to the new tenants.

Gladys Perez