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Congratulations on your new home! The whole family is very excited to move in, right? But hold on, you better check if the place is ready for you. After the house building or a home renovation project, you will have to do a post construction marathon first before moving in. Your primary focus should be removing all the dust that results from construction before it ends up in your air ducts. Post-construction cleaning is absolutely necessary. The dust and debris that build up during the construction process pose multiple health and safety risks, and can be harmful when breathed in. Also, dusts and debris are everywhere, and a professional help is recommended to make sure that all those germs can be removed before you turn the key and move in.  

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Our company offers the most affordable, and the most flexible post construction cleaning services in Minneapolis. Now, you do not have to worry that you may not be able to remove all dirt and dusts, because we are here to make sure that your newly-constructed place will transform from a construction site to a homestead.


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1. Vacuum Carpets & Upholstery

It does not take long before dirt and dust would settle on all parts on your newly-built home, especially on carpets, rugs, curtains, and upholstery. And if not cleaned well, it could cause irritation and itchiness to you, or family, even to your guests and you so not want that to happen. Vacuuming, at least twice, could help you get rid of those dusts and debris.

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2. Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

Clean all surfaces - including your walls because it could also collect dust during construction. We recommend dry dusting for walls to protect the wall's surface, although it will still depend on the material use for your walls. Take a duster to each cabinets and moldings as well, because these are also dusts' favorite areas. Pay close attention to all corners as well, and to those hard-to-reach areas. It is also best to work on counter tops and flat surfaces first, before sweeping and mopping the floor.


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3. Clean Air Vents & Replace Filters

Breathing dusty air can lead to allergies and respiratory issues, that is why it is vital to check and clean air vents and filters because dusts can easily spread on the whole house through air. Clean each vent with soap and water, and replace air filters that have been exposed during the renovation process.

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4. Don’t Forget About the Little Things

Little things are the commons areas that may be overlooked when cleaning. These areas has to be taken cared of as well to achieve a dust-free living space. Some of the areas that are not hard to missed are:

+ Ceiling fan blades

+ Light fixtures

+ Lamp shades

+ Electronics

+ Small appliances

+ Decorative items


These tasks are time-consuming and would require real effort. Of course, our company wants you to enjoy your new home in no time, and we also do not want you to have to deal with all these chaotic renovation process that is why we are proud to offer a post construction cleaning services. Throughout post construction cleaning services, you will have the option to request for a heavy duty cleaning services to the job order. This is a most detailed, and the toughest cleaning service that we offer. Now you won't have to do those tasks yourself, because an expert is here to help you clean and prepare your new home. You just have to book an appointment with us, and let the professionals take care of the cleaning for you!



Common Tasks For Post Construction Cleaning Services

a. Debris Removal - After the workers were done packing up, nothing will be left but dusts, debris, a piece of wasteland. Sure, you can ask your friends or family members to help you on cleaning the place for you, but it could be hazardous, and you may be held liable for any injuries that could possibly happen, most especially if the people helping you out is not knowledgeable of the proper ways of cleaning a newly-built home, like proper disposal of industrial wastes.

b. High-Dust Cleaning - After the construction is done, all dusts will settle in all corners of the house. Our goal is to leave no remnants of construction, and leave only a clean, dust-free home. We can clean high areas that could be reached by a 3-step ladder.

c. Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping - These tasks may sound simple to you. But the vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping that you are doing on a daily routine, and you are doing that only to keep the place picked up, but it is not the same vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping that is needed for a post-construction cleaning. It has to be more thorough, and more detailed to remove all dusts that are could easily settle on all corners of your house.


 Areas We Service

We service the following zip codes in Minneapolis, MN

55401, 55402, 55403, 55404, 55405, 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409, 55410, 55411, 55412, 55413, 55414, 55415, 55416, 55417, 55418, 55419, 55421, 55423, 55430, 55450, 55454, 55455

We service the following zip codes in Saint Paul, MN

55101, 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55106, 55107, 55108, 55113, 55114, 55116, 55117, 55118, 55119, 55130, 55155


 Why Choose Post Construction Cleaning Services Minneapolis?


We have the right tools and equipment to make sure that the job will be completed effectively and efficiently. We also have the best cleaners in the city - all of them are knowledgeable, and that they are all well-trained and updated with the most effective cleaning procedures. Aside from that, we are only using green cleaning products that are safe for everyone, and sustainable for the environment as well. We handle the trash, dust, debris, and hazardous materials with expert-level care. After the job is done, we can continue to maintain your property with our cleaning and maintenance services.

We Offer Green Solutions to Your Problem

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We love to provide solution to all your cleaning needs. We offer regular various types of home cleaning services, ranging from apartment cleaning services, residential cleaning services, condominium cleaning services, and of course, post construction cleaning services for newly built or newly renovated houses. We also pride ourselves of supporting a great advocacy that would soon be the norm in the cleaning industry - green cleaning. This reduces the amount of chemicals, and ensures that all-natural and non-toxic cleaning products are being used.

We Are Reliable and Trustworthy

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We are always doing our best to be reliable and on time on all our projects. Our ask is for your understanding as there are factors that could affect our arrival time. Our team is asking for a 1-hour interval for our cleaner's arrival time, to ensure that we are providing and setting a more realistic information to you. We, of course, will keep you updated and will communicate to you immediately for any forecast delays. Our people are also trained to work with minimal to no supervision, as we do not want your schedule or your daily routine to be compromised with your cleaning service. Most of our clients are at work while we are cleaning. That way, they can come home to a clean and fresh home, where they can enjoy and relax after a long, and exhausting day at work.

We Have Professional and Expert Cleaners

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We only hire experienced individuals. Aside from that, every one has to go through a series on intensive hiring process, including a background check to ensure that we are only letting in the right people to our team. After that, they still have to go through different seminars and training making sure that they will be at par with the company's standards. They will have to unlearn everything that they know, and learn new cleaning products and procedures that are in line to the company's standards. This is to keep our team calibrated, and so our clients will receive the same top quality cleaning services from us. Alongside, our company has a rating system that we are using to check on our cleaners and the quality of their work. This also serves as a channel for our clients to provide feedback, that we are using to continuously improve our services.

We have World-Class Customer Support

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Yes, you heard it right! World- class is a word to describe our customer support team. We consider them as our front liners, and everyone is well-trained to do what is right and fair to everyone. Each of them is also expected to embody the company's core values, and as someone who represents the business, they are expected to be welcoming, approachable, and friendly. You can be confident that all your queries and concerns will be answered and taken cared of, as all of them are well-trained and knowledgeable of all the cleaning services, policies, and guidelines of the company.



Cleaning Products That We Use

As promised, you can never go wrong with choosing our cleaning services. Aside from a consistent great result that we offer, we also support a clean and green environment. It is the best time for you to start living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle by choosing green products and services.

Post Construction Cleaning Services Minneapolis always use green cleaning solutions on all projects that we have - for a safer and healthier surroundings.

These are the major brands that we are using for all our services. Both brands are perfectly formulated, and used plant-based ingredients to reduce chemicals on the cleaning solution. Essential oils - which is another great cleaning agent - have been added to the formulation as well, giving a fresh scent, and aroma therapeutic after cleaning effect. Now you can expect a clean and fragrant home once you move in.




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Seamless Booking Experience

With the fast paced business world, our company have invested in making use of the latest technology to create and provide a streamlined and seamless booking experience for everyone.

a. Via phone call

Availability: During Office hours

Phone number:

Response Rate: 100%

Advantages: All calls are answered right away, or within 30 seconds. If not, you could simply leave a voicemail message, and we will contact you within the day, if it is still within our office hours. By talking to a live person over the phone, you can have your questions instantly answered, and you will be confident that you are booking the correct type of cleaning service.

b Via Web Chat Support

Availability: During Office Hours

Response Rate: 100%

Advantages: As long as you are seeing an 'online button' on our website, it means that someone will be there to answer you live, right away. Just like booking via phone call, having someone live on chat would answer all your questions instantly. Please be reminded that you are chatting with a live person, and not a robot, and you could make use of this if you are in the middle of something and does not have time for a phone call.

c Via SMS

Availability: During Office Hours

Phone number:

Response Rate: 100%

Advantages: Based on our observations, many people that are busy during the working hours could easily be reached through SMS. That is why we launched a program where you could reach us through SMS. That way, you could also book our service through SMS. Do not worry because you will still be answered by a live person, and not a robot.

d. Via Email

Availability: During Office Hours

Email address: hellocleaningservicescompany@gmail.com

Response Rate: 100%

Advantages: You can answer whenever you are available, and you will be exchanging email with a live person as well. That way, your questions will be answered instantly, and you can send a request as well if you wish to have necessary changes on your appointment. Email is also the main channel that we are using to send appointment notifications to our client.

e. Via Online Booking

Availability: Anytime

Response Rate: 100

Advantages: If you are not comfortable providing your details to anyone, or if you are too busy to deal with a live person, or maybe you simply just want to book the appointment all by your self, then this option is for you! Aside from you can do it anytime, it is also the fastest way of booking an appointment. With just few clicks, you can instantly schedule a cleaning services appointment.


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Cost-Efficient Post Construction Cleaning Services Minneapolis

Post Construction Cleaning Services Minneapolis offers a cost-efficient after renovation cleaning services. We know that do not want to take the risk, and hire a cleaning service that is cheap, but will later on give you headache because of the result. Our company focuses more on the quality of the service, and the result and experience of course! The post construction cleaning services that we offer, just like the other cleaning services that we offer, is cost-efficient and is definitely worth it! What you are paying for is the convenient experience, as well as the top quality service that would really amaze you and your family.


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Eco-Friendly Post Construction Cleaning Services Minneapolis

Using advanced green cleaning products and cleaning methods, we can make your newly built or renovated property shines in no time. After the construction fiasco, a finishing touch is needed to make sure that the house is a home, rather than a construction site. We do not want to enter a home that is not safe, cleaning a newly-built or newly-renovated space is really the finishing touch that you need to ensure that your home is ready to welcome you and your family. And with these green cleaning supplies, your home will not just be clean, but will also be fresh, fragrant, and free from harmful chemicals.

Here are some benefits of hiring an eco-friendly Post Construction Cleaning Services Minneapolis:

a. Less Chemicals. Green cleaning services only uses green cleaning supplies, thus, eliminating the use of strong and harmful chemicals. These chemicals could easily pollute the air and water, which then could post multiple health risks to everyone exposed to it.

b. More Sustainable. Post construction cleaning could be very unhealthy at times, but by going green, you can ensure that the cleaning service is sustainable and is environmental friendly. A proper waste disposal is one way of promoting a sustainable cleaning services, and also less usage of water and chemicals.

c. Leaves a safer environment for the whole family. You are getting a post construction cleaning services to make sure that your house is clean, and dust-free. But did you know that cleaning supplies used on your home is also a factor that could make your home unsafe? Some people are allergic to specific type of chemicals, and most of the time, chemicals that are hazardous and toxic can usually be found in normal house cleaning solutions. By transitioning and hiring a green cleaning services, you can eliminate the risk of having an unsafe place after the post-construction cleaning.


Frequently Asked Questions - Post Construction Cleaning Services Minneapolis


When is the best time to get a post construction cleaning services?

There are 2 types of post-construction cleaning services: the builder clean, and the sparkle clean. A builder clean is being done

when the workers are already packing up, but there are still little works to be done. For this type of clean up, your home will be left basically clean, but then it could still be messy especially when additional tasks are done. A sparkle clean is when all works are done, and you need a finishing touch before moving in, this is the best clean up services to get. This will ensure that all dirt, dusts, and debris will be removed, and all wastes will be disposed properly. This will also ensure that your home will be safe and ready for you to move in. Once you know the type of cleaning that you need, that is the type that you can figure out when is the best time to get the service. Builders clean up are usually scheduled when the workers are already cleaning up and packing up, but may still do little works on the side. A sparkle clean should be scheduled when all works are done, and the only thing that has to be done is cleaning.

How to get a post construction cleaning services?

There are many convenient ways to book a post construction cleaning services. You can call our hotline (612) 299-1918, and have one of our phone associates assist you in getting the best post construction cleaning for you, or you can also book instantly online through the book now button below.

How to pay for your post construction cleaning services?

Payments are made through accredited credit cards. We are accepting major credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. A temporary hold of the amount will be placed few days before the cleaning, but the final charge will only happen once the service has been rendered.

How much does the post-construction cleaning services will cost?

The price of the service will depend on the size of your house. You can also customize your cleaning service, and add extra tasks for an extra fee, to enjoy a completely clean home. You can check out our prices through the link below:


Who will provide the cleaning supplies?

Post Construction Cleaning Services - Minneapolis will provide all cleaning supplies that will be consumed in the service. After booking for a post construction cleaning service, the next thing that you have to do is to wait until the service is done, and consider it as the best time for you to move in and enjoy your new home.

Do I have to be present during the cleaning?

No, you do not have to be. Post construction cleaning services are time consuming and it could take number of hours to finish. Of course, we do not want this to affect your normal days, and you can trust that we can work effectively even without your supervision. Our only ask is to always keep your lines open for any concerns that we may have while cleaning.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, there is no contract to sign. After the service has been booked, you can still change an update it, when necessary.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that things could happen, that is why we are allowing service cancellation 48 hours before the schedule. Canceling beyond that point will incur you a $70 late cancellation fee.

For other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Call us at (612) 299-1918 or send us an email at hellocleaningservicescompany@gmail.com. Talk to you soon!