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Dealing with your daily tasks and routine is not easy. Lots of stuff has to be done and accomplished, and that’s aside from all the regular things and routines that you have to take care of to be able to keep up — one of them is cleaning.

At home, everyone might be too busy and no one will put house cleaning on top of their priority list, and that is the perfect indication that you are ready to hire a professional janitorial cleaning services to help you with the task!

For business owners, managing a business is a very complicated thing, and hiring your own team for utility is not just time-consuming and risky, but it may also take some of the time that you could have spent on other more important things. Outsourcing a janitorial cleaning services is still a wiser decision to keep your office or your building maintained.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis is proud to be the pioneer and the leader in Minneapolis to start a green janitorial services in the city. We offer house cleaning services, apartment cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, post construction cleaning services, move in/move out cleaning services, regular cleaning services, and a lot more!

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Cleanliness plays a vital role for your home, or your business. Studies show that a clean surrounding affects the mood of the people, and of course, a clean environment encourages positivity and increases the happiness of the place.


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Services Offered by Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis 

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House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services or residential cleaning services are offered to single detached homes, single-attached homes, bungalow, townhouses and to all types of residential buildings. Most services included are designed to maintain and keep the level of cleanliness in the house. Extra services are also prepared, and can be done by request. Most of our clients are also hiring our service for a regular visit.


Apartment Cleaning Services

Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis also caters to apartments or condominiums. This type of cleaning services works almost the same as the house cleaning services. All our services are easily customizable to cater to your preferences and needs. That way, you will only be paying for things or tasks that you really needed to be done. This can help you to utilize and enjoy the cost-efficient cleaning services that we are offering.


Commercial Cleaning Services

Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis are offering a customized cleaning services for businesses, storefronts and small offices that needs help in keeping up on their places. Different cleaning tasks are available to choose from, and you will have the option to pay only for the cleaning tasks that you requested to be done.

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Post Construction Cleaning Services

After the workers have left your newly-built home, there’s still final touches that needs to be done before it will be fully ready for you and your family to move in. General cleaning of the house to remove all dirt, dusts, and debris is a necessary thing to do before moving in to a new home. We can help you transform the construction site to a clean and fresh home!


Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services

Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis offers a very flexible packages for moving in and moving out. The service order will start with standard cleaning services, then you will have the option to add extra services to the service order, for you to be able to achieve a completely clean, and fresh home.

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Recurring Cleaning Services

Recurring cleaning services, also known as regular cleaning services is a type of cleaning services that we are proud of. By subscribing to this, you can ensure that you will be coming home to a clean home always. Aside from that, you can get great discounts, which means great savings for you in the long run.


Cleaning Products That We Are Using


Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis is a proud advocate of the Go Green movement. Having a green lifestyle is something that should be taken seriously, and should be practiced at all times. One good way of starting a green and more natural lifestyle, is by choosing the right products and services. Our company supports green cleaning, that is why we are only using green cleaning products and solutions for all our projects.

Method and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day are the two major brands that we are using on our cleaning services Both are eco-friendly, and non-toxic. These products are plant-derived, perfectly formulated with the help of science and technology. It has strong cleaning powers, and safe for people and the environment. Most of these products are mixed with essential oils. Essential oils is also known to be a great cleaning agent, but it is more popular for its scent and aromatherapy. Using these products in cleaning a house or any space, will make the place instantly fresh and fragrant.



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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day



Advantages of Green Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis


Safe for Everyone

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A green janitorial cleaning services takes away a lot of health risk. Allergies, skin irritations, and respiratory diseases are only some of the health issues that people can get by being exposed to strong and hazardous chemicals found in household cleaning supplies. Green cleaning services eliminates the use of these home cleaning supplies by replacing it with eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions that has the same cleaning powers, but definitely less the risks.

Safe for The Environment

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Aside from using green cleaning products, green cleaning services also prefers and practices cleaning methods that conserves the use of water and electricity, making the cleaning services more environmental-friendly, and more sustainable. Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis also supports green cleaning for less waste, and ensures proper waste disposal. Green cleaning shows a small act of kindness to the environment, which can come a long way when practiced by many.


Recurring Discounts

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The Best Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis

Janitorial Cleaning Services Offered for Commercial Spaces and Buildings

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance


Our company offers floor cleaning and maintenance to all types of floor. People come and go on your building, and it is one of the areas in the building that can easily become dirty. Proper cleaning and maintenance of floor is also necessary to ensure that stains will not stay permanently, and to keep the building professional looking. Having a clean floor also keeps the office looks prestigious, and it could affect the total cleanliness of the place.

Window Cleaning and Dusting


For many buildings and offices, windows could take a large part of the space. Keeping it clean, and streak-free is something that the business owners won’t manage to monitor. Hiring a professional help from Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis could help you have a spotless, and crystal clear windows all the time.

Kitchen Counter/Pantry Cleaning Services

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Busy employees usually spend their break time in the pantry not just to enjoy a coffee or have lunch, but sometimes a place where they can breathe a little from the paper works on their desk. Keeping it clean and well-maintained for them is another task that we are good at. Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis is an expert in keeping the offices’ pantry and small appliances on there, such as refrigerator and microwave, clean and well-maintained at all times.

Store Front Cleaning Services


Having a clean store front attracts more visitors that those that are not kept well. For businesses, such as retail and cafes, having more people in means more opportunity for a sale. If you want to attract and invite more people to come in and check on your products and services, the first thing that you should to is to keep your storefront clear at all times. Clear means that it is free from any clutter, or unnecessary items, and dirt and dust-free as well.

Carpet Cleaning Services


Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis has the right equipment and the right skills for proper maintenance, deodorizing, and sanitation of carpets. Our company is equipped with a heavy duty machine that is considered to be on top of the line, and is designed for big jobs. The equipment that we have for carpet cleaning can deeply penetrate on carpets for a more thorough cleaning.

Lobby and Entryway Cleaning


Lobby is what welcomes your guests, and it would also be the place where they would stay if they would need to wait for something or someone. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the lobby and entryway is necessary, so that your clients, guests, or anyone visiting your building would know that the business is responsible enough to handle little things like that, which would also mean that the business is reliable and can be trusted with big things.

Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing


Keeping the restroom clean and sanitized is a necessity. Restroom may have contaminants and bacteria that could post health risk to your employees, and to other people using it. Keeping the restroom clean at all times, keeps your employees at good state. Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis offers proper maintenance and sanitation of your building’s restrooms, which includes proper waste disposal, to prevent attack of germs.

The Fastest Way To A Cleaner Space

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Book An Appointment

Everything starts with an easy, simple and convenient method of inviting our maid to your place. Book a cleaning service, by calling us, sending us an email, chatting us through the web, sending us an SMS, or by reserving a slot instantly online. After you have chosen your preferred date and time, Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis will send you a confirmation email, letting you know that it’s a closed deal.

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We Clean

You can spend and take this time to attend to other more important tasks than house cleaning. Let our team do the wonders for you, and trust us that we can do the work effectively and efficiently, just as what you are expecting from us. You can also go out, have coffee with your friends, treat yourself to some massage and spa, and prepare yourself to come home to your old brand new space.

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Enjoy Your Newly Cleaned Space

Finally! The time that you have been waiting for. Enjoy a clean and fragrant space. Now you can peacefully relax and unwind on your own home. This is also the perfect time for you to invite guests, and flaunt how beautiful your place is. A clean place is a happy space. And a happy space attracts positive vibes, and encourages light and bright ambiance and atmosphere.


Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis offers a high-quality and dependable cleaning services in Twin Cities - Minneapolis and St. Paul. We are proud to say that we take the lead of being the first green cleaning services in the cities, and that we are still on track with our goal of transforming the cities to become green communities.

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Positively Reviewed by Satisfied Clients


Great service! Fast & polite employees
— Tyra Morrison

I work for a business in Minneapolis with multiple locations, and we get cleanings every single week. We LOVE Minneapolis Cleaning Services Company! They are so positive and a joy to have around, as well as efficient and excellent cleaners. Now that we have found them, our weekly cleanings are a breeze because we know that we are going to receive a high quality job from a lovely individual! Can’t recommend them enough.
— Vergie Fasano

My experience with Minneapolis Cleaning Services Company and Cleaners have been amazing,professional and very efficient. they are also extremely organized and leaves notes for me as needed.
Minneapolis Cleaning Services Company has been an easy service to use and the reminders are extremely helpful. They also have been very flexible during times I needed to change the cleaning schedule.
— Rose Graves

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Streamlined Booking Experience


We are now in days when everything can be done in a snap of a finger. With the help of technology, almost everything is within our reach, and we experience convenience all the time. Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis is offering different methods on how you could book an appointment. You can choose from various options, whichever is most convenient for you.

We’d like to make ourselves available to everyone, and as much as possible we would love to accommodate everyone who wants to enjoy a clean and happy space.

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Via Phone Call


Via Live Chat


Via Email



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Via Online Form


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Professional Cleaner


Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis only hires experienced cleaners and staff. We are confident that each and every maid that we have are capable enough to provide a top quality service. We also have a customer rating system to gauge and monitor the quality of work of our cleaners. We also make sure that they are updated with the newest and most advanced cleaning methods and practices. You can be confident enough that you are hiring the correct team for your cleaning needs. Now, you got one task, tick off on your list.

a.Effective and Efficient - If you want cleaning tasks done quicker than you could, then your decision to hire a professional cleaning service is correct. Professional cleaners know the right cleaning methods, and they also got the right cleaning solutions and tools to finish the job.

b.Reliable and Trustworthy - Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis values you and your time. We always try our best to arrive on time on our cleaning appointments. Although there are times that some factors may affect our arrival time, rest assured that you will be informed ahead of time should a change is necessary or if there will be any delays on your appointment.

c.Experts - Our cleaners are experts on what they do. It is their living, and just like how everyone else as at their work, they are dedicated and passionate on giving great results.

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World- Class Customer Support


Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis invested on having a strong and world class customer care team. We believe that in today’s world, all industry needs to make themselves easy to reach for their clients. And that is exactly what we are trying to do. Utilizing the technology that we have, plus people with the right set of skills is what comprises our customer care. You can be confident that the people that you are going to speak with can answer your queries, can help you on your concerns, and will be there to listen to your needs.

a. Friendly and Approachable - As clients, we sure would want to speak to someone who is approachable enough, and would willingly assist us on our concerns. Someone who will be there to listen and understand, and present a solution to any issues or concerns that we may have about the service.

b. Warm and Welcoming - Our representatives always welcome feedback, and will always make you feel that you are important. What you have to say means a lot to us, and we appreciate the time that you spend on talking to us.

c. Customer-centric - Our customer care team is created to be the client’s voice. We heard you, and we want to let you know that we are always listening to what you have to say. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority, and having a great customer support team helps us in achieving our goal of providing a high quality cleaning services to everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions - Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis

+ Do you supply everything required?

All cleaning solutions will be provided by the company. Janitorial Cleaning Services Mineapolis is a green cleaning services, and we will only be using green cleaning supplies for all our works. Our cleaners will also be bringing a swiffer system that worls wonderfully on all floor type.

+ Do I have to be home during the cleaning appointment?

Not really. We are trusted and reliable. We do not want to ineterfere with your daily routine, and we do not want you to waaste your time looking after us. Rest assured that we can work indepedently even without your supervision. You can go out and leave the house while we are cleaning, and you will come home to a brand new clean, and fresh space.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

Since we are assigning the cleaners in advance, we require that you notify us 48 hours before the scheduled cleaning time if you would like the appointment rescheduled or cancelled. A cancellation fee is also applied if our cleaner is unable to enter the home because no access was provided.

+ How can I pay for the service?

We support a cashless system. In order to guarantee and secure your booking, your credit card details will be asked. A temporary hold of the amount will be placed few days before the service. The final charfe will only happen after the service has been rendered.

+ Are you pet-friendly?

Our cleaners work around pets all the time and have no issues. The loud noise coming from the vacuum may startle them though so we recommend that you keep the pets out of the cleaner’s way to make sure that they won’t get scared and to also ensure the best service from our cleaners.

+ Do I have to sign a contract with your cleaning company?

No, there are no contracts to sign. We are happy to gain your business everytime we service your place.

+ What Are Your Hiring Practices?

People who would love to join our company has to go through a rigorous and intensive hiring process. Our hiring process includes background check because we only want to have the best people in. After passing through all of that, a training will be conducted, and series of tests and certifications as well. The individual has to go though all of those before being able to work indepenently for Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis.

+ What if I forgot to leave the door unlocked on my cleaning day?

Access to the place is necessary for us to clean the place. If you forgot to provide access to our cleaner on the service date, we will have to reschedule the appointment to some other time, and you will be charged with the late cancellation fee.

+ How many people do you send for the cleaning?

We are sending 1 cleaner per project. You do not have to worry, all our cleaners are top-rated, and they have the right skills and knowledge to do and finish the cleaning effectively and efficiently.

+ Should I tip cleaner?

Tip is neither expected or required. Leaving a simple 'thank you' note means a lot to them. Our cleaners would love to know that their work met or exceeded your expectations. However, if you do wish to leave a tip, you may place it on the kitchen counter or you can call us to add the tip on your final charge.

+ What if my cleaning service appointment falls on a holiday?

If ever your cleaning appointment will fall on a holiday, we will notify you at lest 3 days in advance to reschedule your appointment.

+ Can I request for the same cleaner every time?

Yes, you can. We will do our best to send the same person every time, although if the cleaner you requested is unavailable, we promise to send another cleaner that is equally capable of the job.

+ Are your maids trustworthy?

All of our maids have undergone a background check before they started their employment with our company. This is to ensure that the maids we are assigning to clean your home are not only trained professionally but is someone you can trust.

+ What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?

Janitorial Cleaning Services Minneapolis observes the following Holidays: Memorial Day, Christmas Day, New Year, Thanksgiving. If the cleaning falls on that day, we will have ot reeschedule it. We will be calling you to coordinate the best time for the cleaning.

+ How long does the cleaning usually takes?

A standard cleaning services usually takes about 2-3 hours to finish. Adding extra tasks to the service order would require additional hour as well. For deep cleaning services, the service usually takes about 3-4 hours.

+ Can I book on the same day that I need the cleaning service?

Same day cleaning services needs to be booked over the phone, or with the assistance of a customer care representative. We accept same day cleaning services depending on the availability of our cleaners. As long as there is an available cleaner, we can go ahead and accept the job.


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