Proper Ways in Cleaning Windows

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“Clean windows will lead you to a brighter future”

Why is it important to have a clean windows? Is it really necessary to have your windows clean? What does it do in our home? These are just some of the question that you might wanna answer when we talked about cleaning your windows. Not all us knows the proper way of cleaning our windows and there are common mistakes that we are doing in cleaning our windows. Sometimes we will just watch tutorial videos in YouTube but we don’t know if we are doing it correctly. Especially living in Minneapolis it is a must that you always have a clean windows. It is better to consider hiring house cleaning services because they clean more effectively compared to do it yourself window cleaning. Professional cleaners are trained to do unique and effective cleaning techniques that will make our windows sparkle and shine.

Professional cleaners can help you save time, they can easily spot general problems, when you hire a professional window cleaner they can help you remove insect infestations, extend the life of a window, they have the right tools and supplies to clean the windows, professional cleaners can identify the cause of spots on it, they don’t cut corners of the windows. It is safer to hire a professional window cleaner than doing it on your own to avoid accidents it only takes a single slip when cleaning higher windows to sacrifice your safety, it is also painful in the neck and it need much effort especially when you need to move a heavy ladder from one window to another just to reach the higher parts. The same with cleaning the walls it is also hard to reach higher areas so to make it easier just simply hire a cleaner to to the job for you.

Nowadays, a lot of people are being concern to save a lot in consuming energy to save money in paying their electric bills. Having your windows clean can make a big difference in your bill. You may think that by having energy efficient windows you’ve done all you can do, but you may be surprised to know that even dirt particles on your windows can lower their heating efficiency. As dirt particles build up on the surface and in the pores of your windows, they begin to reflect some of the UV light away from your home, lowering the amount of sun that can enter and add warmth. And because of that, you will need to turn on some light to make your house more bright.  

Windows is the eye of a home and they also become the vision of world, on how we can clearly see the life outside. Especially, when there are days that you want to relax, refresh your mind and see the bright side of life. While drinking coffee or a glass of wine, you will stare in your windows to see how beautiful the world is and it may help to relax your mind or feed your soul.

How are you going to do that if you have dirty windows? Here are some of the proper ways that I learned from my favorite window washing company.

Things that you need to start cleaning your windows:



Mop or Washer


Wet and Dry Cloth

Detergent (there are cleaning solution specifically for windows or glass only)

Make sure to ready all your cleaning materials before starting to clean your windows. Place it in the area that you can reach anytime while cleaning.

In cleaning windows especially if you have big windows, clean in partition to avoid the solution drying in your windows. Dry solutions will leave marks in your windows and there are times that it is hard to remove especially if you used strong cleaning solutions. Worst is it may damaged your windows.

First step is, fill your bucket with cold water, because hot water evaporates so fast. And then, add now some of the cleaning solution that you have. Some people advise is to add it directly to your wet mop. But I prefer to add it in my bucket of water.

Now, run your wet mop on the first half of the windows that you will be cleaning. Make sure to give a good rub and put some pressure to remove all the marks and dirt. This is also the best time to scrape all the stubborn marks. When using scrapper, always scrape in forward direction. Never scrape in backward direction because it will drag the dirt and might cause scratches as well. Also, in rubbing your wet mop, it is better to move in zigzag direction, to make sure that you cover all corners.

Third, ready your squeegee. This is one of my favorite part in cleaning my windows. Hold the handle of the squeegee in your right hand with your thumb half way between the top and side. When you place it on the glass, you want to have it at the correct angle. Same in using your wet mop, move your squeegee in zigzag direction. Always ready your dry cloth to wipe down your squeegee.

Remember: Make sure to go right to the edges. With a little practice, you will be able to manage this with no water marks left in the middle of the window.

And lastly, its time to clean some residue in your window sill. You can use a towel to wipe up all the water sills or a vacuum instead to make sure that everything is clean. I don’t use micro-fiber cloth for the sills because it doesn’t absorb the dirt right away.

If there are still marks that didn’t come off, this is the best time to use your micro-fiber cloth. Rub it to that marks, if it didn’t remove it is best to get your mop and start cleaning again.

I learned these steps while watching a professional window cleaner clean my windows. It is not an easy task because you need to move fast to avoid the solution in getting dry. Plus, you need to learn on when is the best time to put a pressure in rubbing and when is not.

And the truth is Professional window cleaning is more effective than cleaning your windows by yourself because as professionals they will never leave streaks and mess in your windows.

Professional window cleaners works faster but effective. If you are living in a large house, or those with large windows, there is a great possibility that it might take you the whole day or even two, just for you to get the job done. However a professional window cleaner, will surely bring in a team of cleaners who will do the cleaning and only spend a couple of hours. So, in situations like there will be a sudden visit, it might be a relative or friends, calling a professional window cleaner will help you achieve that crystal clear window in just a short period of time.

You might think that hiring a professional window cleaner is expensive and will be out of your budget. You are totally wrong, because it is even cheaper than cleaning your windows by yourself because when you do the cleaning on your own you need to buy cleaning solutions, equipment and tools to clean your window and of course your time and effort sent going to the store and the cleaning itself. In cases like window cleaning is a little bit difficult you might need to ask some help and even pay for their assistance. By doing so you will end up paying or spending even more than just simply hiring a professional window cleaner. Another great thing about hiring a professional window cleaner is that they also offer extra services that will help you enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Washing your windows might not be that easy and it will consume a lot of your time, so instead of you enjoying your time bonding with your friends or family you ended up spending your time cleaning the windows. Start making a change now by hiring a professional cleaner for you to have a cleaner and shinier window in no time, for a very affordable price, and you will also get a chance to have more free time and spend it with the most important people in your life.

Ma Alyssa Leonardo