Minneapolis Winter Activities

Our home gets very dusty during winter because the air is very warm and dry. You needs to dust your home's surfaces from top to bottom to ensure that you keep the dust to a manageable level. You need to do a lot of dusting during these days to ensure to get rid of dust build up and avoid allergens not only that you also need to wipe and clean your windows especially when you have a fire place because lighting up your fireplace can result to a thin film of soot on the inside of the windows that can block the sunlight.   There’s a lot of cleaning that needs to be made during winter season and you may not have an idea what areas are needed to be tackled. It is better to hire a professional cleaning lady to make the cleaning easier and since winter is kinda boring and you may not want to be stuck at home and just sleep all day long. It can be fun even though it is cold and snowy outside.


Here are some recommended things to do during winter that can definitely sweep that boredom away.  

Go out and Ice Skate

Minnesota has 100,000 lakes and during winter, they froze. It is the best time for you to trip and skate over frozen lakes with your friends and family. So, let’s go and strap those skates on and enjoy skating. You can rent skates if you do not have your own blades. You can also try skiing, even though we do not have that many downhills here in  Minnesota like the other states, we have well-groomed trails in most of our parks that you can explore. 

Enjoy WWW (Winter Wildlife Watching) 

During winter, not all animals migrate or hibernate. There are animals that also adapted to the cold. There are animals in the wild such as White-tailed Deer, Black-capped Chickadee, Coyote, Eastern Cottontail, Gray Squirrel, Meadow Vole, Beaver, Red-tailed Hawk, Great-horned Owl, Short-tailed Weasel, Northern Cardinal, American River Otter, Red Fox that you can watch and take pictures.

Try Urban Sauna 

Sauna is a Finnish tradition during winter that Minnesotans acquired. By sitting in a steamy, hot room for hours, you will feel relaxed on a cold winter day. This tradition also supports health, fun and social engagement. Here are some tips and proper sauna etiquette you need to know before trying it the first time. 

Keep silence, I know it is not a library nor a church but we need to keep quiet because of the people here do meditate, this is a perfect place to boost our spiritual energy. 

Do not add water on coals to increase the heat sensation unless the gurus or everyone in the sauna agrees.  

Wear swimsuit for a proper and appropriate dress. 

This is not the last man standing contest, if your body feels too hot then it is time for you to cool down a bit. This is the perfect time to listen to your body and tune in. 

Go to a Concert 

Minnesotans love concerts, there are a lot of upcoming concerts that you explore and enjoy.  Here are some events that you can check out.

Roast Marshmallows in a Bonfire 

Roast smores and turn your night into a camping trip. This will be a great family bonding where you can share stories and feel warm in front of the bonfire. 

Visit Parks with your Snowshoe On 

Enjoy snowshoeing with your friends in the park and then go visit a coffee shop and get some hot tea, coffee or chocolate to cool down while having an interesting conversation with your friends. 

Play Broomball 

Regardless of your experience and skills, broomball is a great opportunity to enjoy and have fun during winter. All you need to have is a helmet and legal brooms. You can play this with your friends or try to join some broomball leagues in town.

Visit an Art Museum 

You can also relax while exploring some art gallery in Twin Cities that is open and free to the public. 

Ice Climbing 

I know some of you loves to rock climb but how will you be able to do it when it is freezing cold outside? There are gyms that you can sign up with so you can enjoy indoor rock climbing. You can also enjoy the adventure outside and check out Midwest Mountaineering in Saint Paul, they offer classes, events, and programs that you would definitely enjoy. 

Tour a Brewery 

Check out some brewery tours near you and enjoy free beers. You can also learn how to brew beer and try to make your homemade beer. This is really ideal for this kind of weather since beer consumption can warm our bodies but of course drink in moderation. 

Watch Minneapolis Home and Garden Show 

You will be able to meet various experts that will teach you gardening, home decor, and remodeling of a home. The show will also give you the opportunity to let you experience thousands of products and services. 

Explore Ice Fishing 

Have you ever had the typical fishing experience before? Why not try ice fishing? This is more exciting because you do not have to stay on land or even ride on a boat to be able to go fishing. You can just simply stand on the frozen lakes or frozen bodies of the water.

Try some Maple Taffy 

This sugar candy originated in Canada is made out of maple syrup that was boiled and poured on clean white snow to create a soft maple candy.  

Zip Line 

Try to explore zip line tours that are available in Twin Cities. This will be an experience you won’t forget. So grab the opportunity and try this adventure. 

Dog Sledding 

You can watch dogsled races such as Wolftrack Classic and Mush for a Cure. There are also plenty of lodges that offer longer camping trips and guided day trips. 

Attend a Winter Festival 

There are a lot of Winter Festivals you can enjoy depending on your preference. There are art and culture exhibits, concerts, recreational activities, music, fireworks display, and many more. 

Visit a Comedy Club 

After a long week or endless workload, you deserve to relax and forget all your worries and just laugh your heart out. Have some drinks with your family and friends while watching the best stand up comedians in the city. 

There’s a lot of activities that you can enjoy during winter season and there’s also a lot of reasons to clean your home. Kill the boredom and try one of theses exciting activities and just leave the cleaning to the experts and after a long day go back to a fresher and cleaner home. Always remember that no matter what season you are in cleaning is very important. A clean home keeps you away from sickness and it also helps in maintaining the good condition of your home. A clean home is a reflection of the people who’s living in it. Schedule for a cleaning service and start maintaining cleanliness in your home.   

Gladys Perez