Minneapolis Bands from the 80's

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Minneapolis is noted to have famous artists such as Judy Garland, Vince Vaughn, Jessica Lange, Louie Anderson, The Coen Brothers and many more who are famous in film making, acting and stand up comedy.

Bands from the 1980’s are also from Minneapolis, and here are some:

Soul Asylum

Formed in 1981, This alternative Rock band is best known for their hit called “Runaway Train” In 1993, Soul Asylum was nominated as the Best Rock Performance by a duo or group with vocal and also Best Music Video-Short form both nominations were from the single Runaway Train. Originally, the band was called Loud Fast Rules. Its original members were Dave Pirner, Dan Murphy, Karl Mueller, and Pat Morley. At present time, Soul Asylum still performs and now consist of Dave Pirner (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ryan Smith (lead guitar, backing vocals), Winston Roye (bass), and Michael Bland (drums).

Here are some of their singles:

  • Say What You Will (1984)

  • Made to Be Broken (1986)

  • While You Were Out (1986)

  • Hang Time (1988)

  • And the Horse They Rode In On (1990)

  • Grave Dancers Union (1992)

  • Let Your Dim Light Shine (1995)

  • Candy from a Stranger (1998)

  • The Silver Lining (2006)

  • Delayed Reaction (2012)

  • Change of Fortune (2016)

The Jets

The band was formed in 1985, it was composed of the Wolfgramm brothers and sisters and they were discovered by Don Powell. The eight original members LeRoy Wolfgramm (vocals, electric guitar), Eddie Wolfgramm (vocals, tenor saxophone, percussion), Eugene Wolfgramm (vocals, conga, alto saxophone), Haini Wolfgramm (vocals, bass guitar), Rudy Wolfgramm (vocals, drums), Kathi Wolfgramm (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Elizabeth Wolfgramm (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Moana Wolfgramm (vocals, keyboards, percussion) were the oldest children of Maikeli and Vaké Wolfgramm who were originated in Tonga. Eddie and Eugene were both adopted. Originally, they called themselves “Quasar”. One of the first singles they released was "You Got It All" in 1986.

Here are their albums:

  • The Jets (1985)

  • Christmas with The Jets (1986)

  • Magic (1987)

  • Believe (1989)

  • Love People (1995)

  • Love Will Lead the Way (1997)

  • Then & Now (1998)

  • Versatility (2006)

  • Reunited (2014)

The Jayhawks

They were formed in 1985, the band Jayhawks originally consisted of Mark Olson (acoustic guitar and vocals), Gary Louris (electric guitar and vocals), Marc Perlman (bass) and Norm Rogers (drums). In the year 2000, their single entitled I'm “Gonna Make You Love Me” from the album Smile was peaked #5 on Billboard’s Triple A Song and was on the charts for 18 weeks.

These are The Jayhawks’ albums:

  • The Jayhawks (1986)

  • Blue Earth (1989)

  • Hollywood Town Hall (1992)

  • Tomorrow the Green Grass (1995)

  • Sound of Lies (1997)

  • Smile (2000)

  • Rainy Day Music (2003)

  • Mockingbird Time (2011)

  • Paging Mr. Proust (2016)

  • Back Roads and Abandoned Motels (2018)


This speed metal band was formed in 1984, consist of Joel DuBay (vocals, guitar), Todd Haug (guitar), Jeff Litke (bass), and Dirk Verbeuren (drums). The song “Plastic Town” was released in  1989 under the album Absolute Power. They have a total of 5 albums so far.

  • Powermad (1986)

  • The Madness Begins... (1988)

  • Absolute Power (1989)

  • Combat Boot Camp (1999)

  • Infinite (2015)

Information Society

Information Society band is also known as InSoc, they were formed in 1982 and consist of three members namely Paul Robb, Kurt Harland Larson, and James Cassidy. In 1988, the song called "What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)" was released and was also peaked at #3 on US Billboard Charts and lasted for 25 weeks on the chart. Below is the list of their albums from then until the present.

  • Information Society (1988)

  • Hack (1990)

  • Peace and Love, Inc. (1992)

  • Don't Be Afraid (1997)

  • Synthesizer (2007)

  • Hello World (2014)

  • Orders Of Magnitude (2016)

Mint Condition

Formed in 1984, this band plays jazz, R&B, funk, new jack, soul, neo-soul, swing and rock. The band consist of Stokley Williams (lead singer and in-studio drummer), Homer O'Dell (lead guitarist), and Larry Waddell (keyboards), Jeff Allen (Keyboardist/saxophonist), Keri Lewis (keyboardist, percussionist, and rhythm guitarist), and Rick (bass guitarist). They were discovered in 1989 by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. In April 1992, “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” was peaked at #6 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and lasted 24 weeks on the chart.

Here are Mint Condition’s top songs:

  • Are You Free (1991)

  • Breakin’My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) (1992)

  • Forever in Your Eyes (1992)

  • Nobody Does It Betta (1993)

  • Someone to Love (1994)

  • U Send Me Swingin' (1994)

  • So Fine (1995)

  • What Kind of Man Would I Be (1996)

  • Make Me Say It Again (1997)

  • You Don't Have to Hurt No More (1997)

  • Let Me Be the One (1997)

  • If You Love Me (1999)

  • Is This Pain Our Pleasure (2000)

  • I'm Ready (2005)

  • Nothing Left to Say (2008)

  • Caught My Eye (2011)

  • Not My Daddy (2011)

  • Believe in Us (2012)

Têtes Noires

The first all-female rock band from Minneapolis founded by Jennifer Holt in 1982. Têtes Noires means “blackheads” in French. The band consisted of six members namely, Jennifer Holt (vocals, violin), Polly Alexander (guitar), Cynthia Bartell (bass, vocals), Angela Frucci (piano, keyboards), Camille Gage (vocals, keyboards), and Renée Kayon (percussion, vocals). They created 3 albums, the first 2 albums were self-produced under Rapunzel (own label) and soon they worked with the band called Violent Femmes who produced their 3rd album. In 1987, the single “The Plain” was released from the album Clay Foot Gods.

Here are the songs and albums that they’ve created:

  • Têtes Noires (1983)

  • American Dream (1984)

  • Clay Foot Gods (1987)

  • Pour More Water on Her, George (1987), The Plain (1987), World Turning (1987), Reflections (1987), Dear Jane (1987), Heading For a Fall (1987), Why Are The Farmers Dying? (1987), Bless Me (1987), Walk Through the Ruins (1987), Tell Me When (1987)

  • The New American Dream (2013)

  • American Dream (2013), Recipe for Love (2013),

  • Can't Even Dance (2013), Moonie (2013), Peace, Piece By Piece (2013), Selcric (2013), True Love (2013), Chains (2013), Rollover (2013), Pretty Boy (2013), Road Hog (2013), Family Ties (2013)

These are some bands that were originated in Minneapolis, Some of you may be familiar and perhaps, became a fan of these bands. This only means that Minneapolis is surely a city with great artists.

Gladys Perez