Importance of Having a Clean Home


Importance of Having a Clean Home

Parents wants to have a clean and fresh home all the time. Most parents spent hours of hours just to make sure that every corner of the house is cleaned. Especially when you have kids, you need to check every corner if there are any left over biscuit or toys hiding.

Cleaning the house is one of the hobbies of stay-at-home moms. having a clean house is one way of keeping out your family from getting sick. Some moms are using this as a bonding time with their kids during weekend. But some doesn’t have time too especially those working moms.

Now, not every mom or mom-to-be knows the importance of having a clean home. Most especially, for a working mom they tend to clean their houses because of their busy schedule plus taking care of their kids. They don’t have enough time in doing it. Because instead of cleaning they will use it to take a rest or go out and spend some quality time with their family.

But as parent, we need to understand how important it is to have a clean home and what is the effect of it in our family.

Heath Benefits of having a Clean Home

Without us knowing that cleaning houses can be an exercise already because all your body parts is moving and you are sweating a lot and it burns your fats.  

Keeping Pests Away - having a messy home can easily make the bugs rodents to multiply. Food debris and liquid spills are they favorite and they can smell it right away. Having your house clean regularly, including putting all food away in air-tight containers after each meal and daily trash removal. By doing these, you are helping the pests to go away before they become a major issue.  

Allergy and Asthma Symptoms - having a lot of dust, unwashed carpets, upholstery and bedding, or in areas that are naturally damp, such as basement and garages can worsen allergies and asthma. Heavy dust at home can cause asthma attack and will make you feel very sick.  

You will save time - if you are keeping your home clean and you are maintaining it, you will be able to save a lot of time cleaning your houses during weekends.For example, you can clean the sink immediately after brushing your teeth or cleaning while cooking. Having a clean house will save you time when looking for your belongings because they will be very accessible and visible.  

These are just some of the basic importance of having a clean home. But what is the main factor of having a clean home?

Clean Homes leads to Peace of Mind

After a very tiring day, it feels good to go home in a clean and neat home. You will see that everything is organize and in place. In that way, it is giving you a peace of mind and you can just go ahead and relax.

But, what happened when you go home in a dirty house?

Everything is mess, from your living room, to your kitchen and bedroom. How are you going to relax if you have that kind of home?

Having a dirty or messy home can affect your mood and attitude. You will irritable and tired looking at the mess even without starting cleaning them. And it also reflects your personality.

There are practical ways to keep your home clean:

Pre-clean your space

The thing about pre-cleaning refers to the effort of keeping the home clean by not making a mess.Pre-cleaning includes putting your keys, phone and mail in a neat, designated area and hang up your purse and coat on the coat rack as soon as you get in. Also, you can pre-clean by starting with your documents before they accumulate into piles and washing the dishes as soon as you create it.


If you really don’t have time in cleaning your house, it is the best time to ask help from house cleaning services and let them do the job for you. You can call them anytime, personalize your package, give them instructions and they can do the perfectly. While you, are just relaxing and spending quality time with your family. Professional cleaners can maintain the cleanliness of your home all you have to do is book a regular schedule and t will guarantee that your home will be in perfect condition. Hiring a cleaning lady will give you an instant free time. When you hire a professional home cleaner it will give you the opportunity to prioritize other important things in your schedule rather than spending your free time in maintaining your home. Professional cleaners will guarantee expertise. Rest assured that they will clean your home with the highest standard. In addition, they can clean even hard to reach areas because they are trained and fully equipped. Most of all professional cleaners will make cleaning easier for you.

Hiring a professional home cleaner is the best solution if you are unable to clean your home because of your busy schedule. There are times that you are preoccupied, not feeling well or you don’t feel like doing the cleaning by yourself. If you still want a home that is in a good condition but you can’t spare a time to clean it the best that you can do is to hire a professional home cleaner. 

There are medical advantages when you choose to hire a professional home cleaner. Because they will make sure that each and every corner must be cleaned and that are usually missed when you clean it by yourself. It is proven that when you ire a professional home cleaner the chance of your family members of getting sick is lesser. Because these professionals are using the top notch cleaning solutions and equipment just to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and good quality cleaning.

When you decide to hire a professional home cleaner it automatically lessens your stress levels. Knowing that you will no longer deal with the piles of house hold chores by yourself and you can use that instant free time to do whatever you want.  

Focus on one area at a time

This is one of the best tips that you can do, if you are really busy. Clean the house by partition. Create a schedule that you can follow and make sure to schedule the area that needs a deep-clean during weekends, since it will be needing a lot of time and pressure in cleaning. For instance, Mondays as the day to vacuum the bedrooms and dust the furniture and Wednesdays can be the day to focus on washing the floors and scrubbing the bathtub.

Make cleaning time, your bonding time

If you kids that is in toddler age that is the best time to train them and give them task in cleaning your houses. This is the age that they can already follow simple instruction and I guarantee you that both of you will enjoy cleaning time. Because for them, they will just feel like they are playing with you.

To make them more involve, you can also create a chore list and put their name for their assigned task and give them reward to make them more excited and to get them more involve.  

Ma Alyssa Leonardo