Best Carpet Cleaning Method

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Best Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpet cleaning is one of the major house cleaning chores that we are facing form simple vacuuming to removing of dust and stains. There are numerous carpet cleaning machines you can choose from to effectively reeve all those unwanted stains, dirt, and dust that can risk our family’s health.

Most people love to clean their carpets in Springtime reason being it is because you can open the windows widely to help the carpets dry fast. The cool breeze of the air outside will definitely become a great help for you in drying those carpets, but of course, it is not that we cannot clean the carpets during summer, winter or fall, in fact, we can do it anytime we want since we can hire professional cleaners that can do the carpet cleaning by themselves or you can also do-it-yourself by simply using some components that you can see inside your home. It is great because of the fact that it is economical to do rather than spending money, however, sometimes we do not have enough time to clean our homes because we are tired after coming home from work and we cannot even move and we will just choose to use our time to rest and sleep and this is where you should hire a professional carpet cleaner. But if you don’t want to get someone to clean the carpet for you,

here are some tips on how to carpet clean and the steps in doing it:

Carpet Shampoo

This method is one of the best and proven effective way of cleaning your carpets. By using a carpet cleaning shampoo, will soften all the dirt that sticks on your carpet fibers and once it is dry, it separates from the carpet fiber and by simply vacuuming your carpet, all the dust and dirt will be collected by the vacuum and your carpet will be clean and fresh as if it is brand new. You can use different types of carpet cleaning shampoo that is available in the market but make sure to choose a product that contains non-harmful chemicals because not only that you do not want to risk your health but also, you do not want to damage your carpets and purchase a new one, it will not only cost you money but also time and effort.


  1. Remove all the furniture and obstacles in the room that you are about to clean.

  2. Once the room is clear, vacuum the entire floor and even the hard to reach areas.

  3. Look around the entire room and search for stains that need to be treated first by just simply pouring some hot water, do not use any carpet stain removal solution because of the reason that it might add up too much soap in your carpet that will make it sticky and more prone to grime and dirt.

  4. Set up your carpet cleaning machine and put some tap water with soap in the tank. Make sure to follow the correct required measurement in terms of water-solution ratio.

  5. You can now start shampooing your carpet with just one direction in a slower motion compared to vacuuming, in doing so, you are giving the machine some time to soap your carpets thoroughly, condition the carpet fibers and

  6. After you are done shampooing the carpet, rinse the tank and put some water again but this time, do not put any more soap.

  7. Do a second pass to rinse off the shampoo and dirt that were left behind on the carpet.

  8. Turn on your fans and open the windows and let air circulate inside the room for the carpet to dry fast. Do not step on the wet carpet.

  9. Once the carpet is completely dry, do the finishing touch by vacuuming it one more time.

  10. Move all the furniture back to its places.

Steam Cleaning

This process uses very little water compared to other cleaning devices which use hot water instead of steam. The steam is produced in a boiler that heats tap water to high temperatures to produce low-pressure, low moisture water vapor. The steam's ability to clean is based primarily on its heat. The steam is applied to cleanable surfaces via a variety of insulated tools and accessories. Vapor steam cleaners are cited as examples of green cleaning since they do not require the use of chemical cleaning solutions. They are growing in popularity because of steam vapor's ability to kill germs and in some cases disinfect without the use of chemical disinfectants. Steam vapor has also been cited as effective in killing dust mites in carpet, bedding, and upholstery.


  1. Remove all the furniture inside the room you are about to steam clean carpet. 

  2. Vacuum the entire floor to lessen the dirt and dust that is sticking on the carpet fibers. 

  3. Fill in the steamer machine tank with lukewarm water and a little bit of carpet shampoo. 

  4. Spray on the cleaning solution that you have on those worst affected areas and leave it for a few moments to soak so that it can soften the unwanted dirt to remove it more effectively. 

  5. Start from the side of the room that is farthest from the door to avoid walking through the wet cleaned carpet. Move the machine back and forth in a straight angle slowly. Make sure to rinse off the cleaning solution, go back to the areas that still have soap because leaving the carpet with soap will get the carpet sticky and will attract more dust and grime. 

  6. Go over the carpet again but this time, use plain warm water to thoroughly rinse out the carpet. 

  7. Open all the windows and turn on your fan to make it dry. You can also leave it overnight and do not let someone step on the wet carpet. Also, make sure to dry it faster to avoid carpets to stink and mold to build up.

  8. Now that the carpet is 100% dry, you can put back the furniture on its original position, or if you still have time you can rearrange the furniture set up depending on your preference.

There are also other methods that you can use to clean your carpets such as Dry Powder, Foam, Detergent with White Vinegar and Lemon, Vinegar and Borax and so much more.

Cleaning the carpet is not easy, you will encounter a lot of difficulties that will make the cleaning harder than you thought. You might over-wet the carpet and once you dry it there will be residues of dirty water and detergent that will result to attracting more soil and grit. So if you don’t know how to do it properly it seems like you just wasted your time and effort for not getting the desirable results. If you are not that knowledgeable in carpet cleaning there is a tendency of rippling the carpet. It happens when you stretch your carpet poorly and also during the cleaning process itself. This time you should hire an experienced carpet cleaner who can tackle the cleaning while avoiding common problems. Carpet browning is another common problems when cleaning the carpet which is commonly caused by carpet wicking. Wicking usually happens when the carpet is stained deep down to the roots of the fiber. Stain will be noticeable on the surface once the fiber is moistened. The professional carpet cleaner are trained how to deal with spot wicking and browning. Poor carpet cleaning can also mess up furniture. If you don’t have any idea on how to prepare the area before carpet cleaning the furniture might get some stains. Professional cleaners can avoid furniture stains by putting the right protection just like clear plastic tabs on the floor where the furniture has a direct contact with the carpet to protect the furniture when the carpet is freshly cleaned. It is always better to be safe than sorry leave your carpets to the experts.

Gladys Perez