The Right Tools Needed for General Cleaning


Cleaning tools are probably the most used items in our house that are mostly taken for granted. While we use it so often, we actually pay little attention to it and how useful it is in our everyday cleaning practice. As the holidays are over, I’m sure many if us housewives  are doing general cleaning or at least thinking about doing it. With all the house parties that we’ve had for the past months since Thanksgiving, our house needs a little TLC. What better way to do it? General cleaning! To be able to efficiently execute general cleaning, the right tools are needed and we would love to suggest the list of the tools that you need for general cleaning:

  1. Vacuum Cleaner


While most home cleaning tools are designed to do a single purpose, vacuum cleaners is one tool that does a lot of purpose. This tool is so versatile you can even use it to find lost tiny items such as earrings and game board pieces.

Here are some vacuum cleaner tips you can utilize when doing general cleaning:

  • Ice out furniture dents on carpets by moving the furniture and then adding some ice cubes on the carpet dents and letting it melt. Vacuum the west spots and you’ll notice how the water would encourage the carpet fibers return to its original shape.

  • Do you want to deodorize your cushions? You can do so by sprinkling some baking powder on the spot you are trying to clean. Wait for 30 minutes before vacuuming the spot and voila! Foul odor is gone!

  • Vacuum your way to a fresh smelling home. All you have to do is to dip a cotton ball in your essential oil or perfume and then put it in the vacuum cleaner bag.

2. Sponge

Another essential home cleaning tool, sponge can serve a lot of purpose in home cleaning. Each type of sponge has a specific use, here are the guide on which sponge is the best for a specific job:


Just remember to clean sponge we used to clean  our home. Here’s how to do it:



3. Microfiber Cloth

microfiber cloth_home cleaning.jpg

Microfiber cloths perform a lot better than cotton cloths in home cleaning because it can hold up to 8x their weight in water and it  doesn’t scratch delicate surfaces. It is also very economical and environmentally friendly. You can buy microfiber cloths in Minneapolis for as low as $2.98.

Also, not  only is microfiber better at cleaning surfaces than sponges, paper towels and the like, but it’s also machine washable and quick-drying, which means they are far less likely to hold onto germs.

4. Squeegee

squeegee_home cleaning.jpg

What can be more straightforward than wiping a glass surface with a squeegee? A must have in every general cleaning, Squeegee, is used in a lot more ways than just window cleaning. You can wash your car and then use squeegee to dry it, aid in removing pet hairs from carpets and make your shower doors shiny and clean. Squeegees are essential gadgets that can make cleaning the restroom substantially less demanding. A large shower  squeegee makes cleaning your bathroom showers easier and faster. This tool would really make general cleaning efficient!

5. Brushes

brushes_home cleaning.jpg

Another must have in every general cleaning sessions, brushes are very vital in removing deep seated dirt in between tiles and cleaning tough stains.

Scrub Brush is used to deep clean the tub and shower. While for a more detailed cleaning, your old toothbrush can do the trick.


6. Spray Bottles

spray bottle.jpg

Spray bottles are great for great for cleaning in the sense that you can make your own all purpose cleaner and store it in them. If you want to use an eco-friendly cleaner, you can fill your spray bottles with all-natural cleaning solution and spray away the dirt.

Tip: Use multi-colored spray bottles. Assign a specific color for a specific area at home or by the cleaning solution it contains.  

Concoct an all natural cleaner and add some essential oil for a more fresh smelling clean at home.

7. Broom and Dust Pan

Dustpan_home cleaning.jpg

Having a dust pan at home is essential if you have any hard surfaces like wood, tile, cork, and linoleum, you will need a broom and a dust pan to get them clean. Dustpans help with the process of getting the dirt, and of course are crucial for quickly cleaning up any spills. These partners help the kitchen look super-clean, and helps keep pests out.

You may also follow this home cleaning tip we got from cleaning experts:

  • Using incorrect tools is one of the most common mistakes we’ve all made. When general cleaning, make sure you have a vacuum that is equipped to clean things other than just your carpets and rugs. You’ll need one that has attachments that make it easy to clean soft furniture, curtains and stair treads. For hard surfaces, it’s a safe bet to stick with microfiber cloths and mops. Use the right brush for the type of cleaning you want to achieve.

  • Declutter your home by throwing the things that you haven’t used for the past 6 months

  • Deep clean your carpets to restore its color and texture.

  • Aside from the vacuum, you may use rubber gloves to remove pet hairs. Its material naturally attracts pet hairs because it creates friction.

  • Add a small amount of bicarbonate soda in a spray bottle with water and you’ll be surprised how clean your oven will be.

We’ve run down the cleaning tools to utilize in general home cleaning. Do not forget to clean or maintain them as well. A clean tool is an efficient tool.

Selene Dela Rosa