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 Affordable and Cost-Efficient Cleaning Services in Minneapolis

People from the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, are looking for a cleaning services that is budget-friendly, and at the same time top quality. That is exactly what we are offering. Our company is the pioneer, and still the leader in providing an innovative, cost-efficient cleaning services.

The cost of a cleaning service is one of the factors that everyone is considering when choosing the best cleaning partner. Consumers are taking into account if the amount that they will pay for is worthy of the service they will receive. Every cent is a fruit of your hardwork, that is why it is best to always check the prices first before signing up for any cleaning services.

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Factors Affecting Cleaning Services Minneapolis Prices


Type of Cleaning Service

There are different type of cleaning services, and they have different prices as well. Cleaning Services Minneapolis offers variety of cleaning services and each of them are priced differently. We offer flat rate pricing, and it makes it simpler and easier to understand. Everything will be priced based on the amount of the standard cleaning service of your home, and then all extra services that you wanted to be done will be added to the fee, making it more customizable for you.

Size of the House

Of course, the size of the house is also another factor that dictates the price of the cleaning service. The bigger the house, the pricier it gets. For apartments and condominiums as well as for houses that are less than 1500 sq.ft., the price will be based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. For houses, the size of the house in terms of square footage will be required to determine the flat rate price of the house.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Services Minneapolis only uses green and clean cleaning products, and it also affects that cost of each of the cleaning services that the company is offering. These cleaning supplies are more expensive than normal cleaning solutions, that is why the price of the cleaning services is also a bit higher than those that doesn't use green products, but still affordable.

Frequency of Visits

The frequency of visits that you will choose will also affect the cost of your cleaning services. We are giving out discounted rates for our loyal customers who chose us to be their regular cleaning partner. The discount will depend on the frequency of visit per month. The more frequent you need our cleaning services, the higher discounts you will get.

Contact us now at (612) 299-1918, or send an email to hellocleaningservicescompany@gmail.com to get a free quote!

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Our Location

We service the following zip codes in Minneapolis, MN

55401, 55402, 55403, 55404, 55405, 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409, 55410, 55411, 55412, 55413, 55414, 55415, 55416, 55417, 55418, 55419, 55421, 55423, 55430, 55450, 55454, 55455

We service the following zip codes in Saint Paul, MN

55101, 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55106, 55107, 55108, 55113, 55114, 55116, 55117, 55118, 55119, 55130, 55155

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Types of Cleaning Services


Standard Cleaning Services

This is the most basic type of cleaning services. It will include all tasks that are being done when regularly cleaning a house. This is also recommended for houses, apartments, and condominiums that are subscribed to the recurring or regular cleaning services. The main goal of this cleaning service is to maintain the level of cleanliness and happiness of a home.

Here's the list of what will be taken cared of on Standard Cleaning Services

kitchen cleaning.jpg

Kitchen Spaces

  • Cobweb Removal

  • Clean Stove Top & Stove Fan

  • Clean Microwave

  • Clean Countertops

  • Wipe Kitchen Cabinets (Exterior surfaces)

  • Wipe Kitchen Drawers (Exterior surfaces)

  • Scrub & Clean Sinks

  • Empty Trash Can

  • Clean Kitchen & Laundry Floors & Rugs


Bath & Tub Spaces

  • Cobweb Removal

  • Basic Dusting of Window Ledges/Base & Furniture

  • Wipe Bathroom Cabinets (Exterior surfaces)

  • Scrub & Clean Sinks

  • Clean Countertops

  • Scrub & Clean Toilets

  • Scrub & Clean Tubs

  • Scrub & Clean Showers

  • Empty Trash Can(s)

  • Clean Bathroom Floors & Rugs

  • Clean Mirrors & Shine Chrome


Bedrooms & Living Spaces

  • Clean Glass Table Tops

  • Empty Trash in All Bedrooms & Living Spaces

  • Vacuum All Carpet, and Small Rugs

  • Clean Bedroom Floors & Common Area Floors

  • Cobweb Removal

  • Basic Dusting of Window Ledges/Base

  • Make Beds & Change Bed Linens

  • Dust Furniture & Decorations


Services Not Offered Due to Insurance and Safety Reasons

  • Wet Wiping Light Bulbs

  • Usage of ladder higher than 3 steps

  • Animal Waste Removal

  • Gardening & Garden Shed Cleaning

  • Outdoor Work (Balconies, Decks, Backyards)

  • Cleaning of Chandeliers

  • Patio Cleaning

  • Mold or Infestation Removal

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Lifting or Moving of Heavy Furniture

  • Removal of Pets and Bodily Fluids


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Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services is a cleaning service that you can request to be added on any of the standard cleaning services you chose. This type of cleaning is mostly recommended for apartments or houses that are note being cleaned on a regular basis. This is also good for those who are moving in, or moving out, or even to those families that are preparing to welcome a special guest, or holding a special event or occasion on their home.

Here are the tasks included in Deep Cleaning Services

bathroom deep cleaning

Bathroom Areas

  • Heavy Duty Scrubbing of Sinks

  • Wipe Down Exterior of Bathroom Cabinets

  • Heavy Duty Scrubbing of Toilets

  • Heavy Duty Scrubbing of Bathtubs

  • Heavy Duty Scrubbing of Showers

  • Clean Mirrors

  • Wash Shower Door

  • Empty Trash Can(s)

  • Swiffer & Vacuum Bathroom Floors

kitchen deep cleaning

Kitchen Areas

  • Clean Inside Microwave

  • Swiffer and Vacuum Kitchen Floors

  • Heavy Duty Scrubbing of Sink

  • Wipe Down Exterior of Cabinet and Drawer doors

  • Clean Stovetop

  • Empty Trash Can

  • Empty Recycling Bin

  • Clean Kitchen & Laundry Floors & Rugs



Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving is a very demanding change in any person’s life, but is in the same way, inevitable. According to studies made in the US, an average person moves at least 7 times in a lifetime. You have to be prepared with all the preparations - including but is not limited to - lots of paper works, packing of things, and of course cleaning of the ‘places’: the one that you’ll be leaving behind, and the new home that is waiting for you. We know that time is of importance, and you may not be able to handle it alone, knowing that you still have your work or daily routine that you do not want to be compromised.

Good news! Our company is offering move in and move out cleaning services that you can easily customize, and can be tailored-fit based on your preferences and needs.

Moving in and moving out cleaning services are usually done when the house is still empty, or has been emptied. Why? That is to ensure that all parts of the house will be taken cared of and cleaned thoroughly. You can order a standard cleaning services, then choose the extra services that you want to be added on the job order, to ensure that you will only be paying for the services that you really need.

Extra Services That Are Usually Added To Move-In/Move Out Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning Inside Refrigerator + Fridge

  • Cleaning Inside Oven

  • Washing of Interior Windows

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Cleaning of Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

  • Cleaning of Closets

Other Extra Services Available Upon Request

  • Washing of walls

  • Cleaning Baseboards

  • Cleaning of Washing Machine + Dryer

  • Cleaning of Doors, Door Frames, and Door Knobs

  • Cleaning of Blinds

  • Dishes

  • Basement Cleaning

  • Garage Cleaning

  • Heavy Duty Cleaning

extra services.png


After-Renovation Cleaning Services

Finally! After months of waiting, construction is done, and the whole family can’t wait to move in your newly-built home. But not just yet, the final and one of the most important thing to do before moving into your new home is to transform it from a construction site to a homestead - by cleaning it!

Post Construction Cleaning should not be skipped, because all the dirt and dusts caused be the construction itself could make the home look old and filthy, and I’m sure you do not like that.

To make sure that the cleaning is done efficiently and effectively, many people opt to hire the help of a professional. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, our company is one of the best, and most known provider of post construction cleaning services. We got the tools and equipment, as well as professional and knowledgeable cleaners ready to make your home, a clean and spotless living space.

size of the house.PNG

 Flat Rates Based on Size Of The House

Here is the list of the Cleaning Services Minneapolis Prices that we have for standard cleaning only. Additional prices may be applied for additional tasks or services requested:


✓ 1 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom Apartment - $119.00

✓ 2 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom Apartment - $129.00

✓ 2 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom Apartment - $149.00

✓ 3 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom Apartment - $159.00

✓ 1750 Square Foot Home - $179.00

✓ 2000 Square Foot Home - $209.00

✓ 2250 Square Foot Home - $239.00

✓ 2500 Square Foot Home - $269.00

✓ 2750 Square Foot Home - $299.00

✓ 3000 Square Foot Home - $329.00


*For other prices not listed above, please do not hesitate to reach out us, or check our prices online.*

Extra Services Defined

fridge cleaning.PNG

Cleaning Inside Fridge + Freezer

Fridge and freezer needs regular cleaning to ensure that it will work on its best condition. A clean fridge would mean less electricity and power for its optimum working condition. Regular cleaning of the fridge is also a good maintenance to make sure that it will last long, and to prevent unnecessary repairs and replacement.

Cost of the Service: $35/Fridge

cleaning of oven.PNG

Cleaning Inside Oven

Food crumbs and spilled food left on the oven would do no good on your food. And cleaning it is a challenge as well if you do not have the correct knowledge and tools for it. Good thing is you can simply have it added to the cleaning service order, and let the experts do the cleaning for you.

Cost of the Service: $35/Oven

kitchen cabinets cleaning.PNG

Cleaning of Cabinets + Drawers

This is another extra service that is being ordered by many, especially those that prefer deep cleaning. Cabinets and drawers is where we store our things, and it could be pests' favorite place if it will not be properly cleaned and maintained. This will cover the cabinets and drawers on kitchen and bathroom areas.

Cost of the Service: $30 - $100

Washing of walls.PNG

Washing of Walls

We are using magic eraser, soap, and sponges to wash and remove stains on walls. Deep and hard stains may not be completely removed, and there may be walls that needs to be repainted in order to achieve a looking new walls.

Cost of the Service: $50/Wall

washer maintenance.PNG

Cleaning Washing Machine + Dryer

Appliances that we are using to clean our clothes should also be cleaned regularly. Dirt may have settled on some parts of it, and it could affect its working condition. Minneapolis Cleaning Services Company is an expert in keeping these appliances in its best working condition by making sure that it is thoroughly clean.

Cost of the Service: $50

closet cleaning services.PNG

Cleaning Inside Closets

We will clean closet floors, walls, surfaces and shelves. your clothes' storage also needs cleaning every once in a while to prevent bad smell, and of course for the proper maintenance of the fixture.

Cost of the Service: $25/closet - $30

blinds cleaning.PNG

Cleaning of Blinds

Blinds is a perfect place for dirt and dust, as well as cobwebs. We will dust and wet wipe the blinds to remove dirt and dusts. We do not recommend washing it, to lessen the risk of breakage as well.

Cost Of Service: $50/Blinds Set

door cleaning.PNG

Cleaning of Doors, Doorjambs, and Door knobs

Almost everyone that enters your home has to go through the doors, unless there's other way to enter your house, and it is prone to get dirt and viruses that could easily spread and post risk the people's health. We are here to ensure that your doors are clean and properly maintained.

Cost Of Service - $30 - $60

window cleaning services.PNG

Washing of Interior Windows

Imagine a home with a streak-free windows. It gives more access to natural light, and the house will look tidy, clean, and spotless. Have it added to your service, and you can have a crystal clear windows in no time.

Cost Of Service - $15/Window - $30

Washig of Dishes.PNG

Hand Washing of Dishes

If you have cookwares and kitchenware that you cannot clean, a professional is here to help you. You can request it to be done by your maid, and we will make sure that you will come home to a clear, spotless and tidy kitchen.

Cost Of Service - $30

heavy duty cleaning.PNG

Heavy Duty Cleaning

This is an extra service that can be added to the service order if deep cleaning services is not enough to clean the house. This is the toughest and most detailed type of cleaning. This is usually advised for post construction cleaning, or for houses that really needs special attention and effort in cleaning.

Cost Of Service - $100 - $250

garage cleaning.PNG

Garage Cleaning

Most people want to keep their garage clean and tidy, and most of the time it is not part of the standard cleaning services, or the deep cleaning services. Well, do not worry because now you can request for it, and our professional cleaner will take care of it for you.

Cost Of Service - $100

Wants a professional maid to take care of your home?

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Cleaning Solutions We Use 


Cleaning Services Minneapolis pays attention to the effects that our business has to everyone: our employees, your family, the environment. We are also very vocal that our goal is to help the Twin Cities become a more sustainable and more eco-friendly communities. This is a risky move to make, but we believe in the greatness of the advocacy, and the risks is all worth the result.

As a green cleaning services, we promise to reduce waste, and lessen the use of chemicals. We do that by using only green cleaning products - these are cleaning solutions that are non-toxic, and has an all-natural ingredient. That way, we can completely disregard usage of strong and harmful chemicals - good cleaning agents but has a lot of bad effects.


How Does Green Cleaning Affect Us?

Our Employees

They are the people that will be most exposed to the cleaning solutions being used in our services. By eliminating those harmful chemicals, we are protecting the health and well-being of those people working hard for us.

Your Family

By choosing green cleaning, you are protecting your family, and taking away the risks of getting sick because of the harmful chemicals that are mostly found in cleaning solutions. Those cleaning solutions promised a clean home, but post risks to people health and well-being. Most non-natural cleaning products could be too strong that it could irritate your skin, or cause illness on your respiratory system when inhaled.

The Environment

By green cleaning, waste materials are being lessen, and nowadays, it means a lot, especially when non-biodegradable plastics and other materials are all over the places. Most toxins are usually airborne that it could easily spread, and could pollute the air, land, and even water.


Our Favorite Cleaning Solution Brands

These cleaning products are perfectly formulated with the right mix of each ingredient could fight and kill germs on your home, while keeping it safe. These products are plant-derived, and most are mixed with essential oils, leaving your home not just clean, but also fresh and fragrant!


Method Cleaning Solutions

eco friendly cleaning supplies

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

all natural cleaning supplies

How Frequent Do You Need A Cleaning Service?


This is another factor that dictates the amount of the cleaning services. Continue reading and you find out the difference.

One Time Cleaning Services

This type of cleaning is recommended when you only need the service once. Most common examples are move in cleaning services, move out cleaning services, or post construction cleaning services. You can also go for a one time cleaning service if you need a general cleaning of the house to prepare for a special guest, or a special occasion coming up. In order to achieve a completely clean home, you may have to request additional services to the order, adding up to the total amount of the service.

Regular Cleaning Services

Regular Cleaning Services, or also known as Recurring Cleaning Services is the ultimate type of service that you need if you want to maintain the level of cleanliness in your home. This program will assist you in keeping up with the household chores by having a maid visit your place on your preferred frequency. We are giving out discounted rates to those who are opting in for recurring services. Monthly service will give you a 10% discount, every 3 weeks visit will give you 12% off per visit, bi-weekly visit will give you 15% off of the total amount, and a weekly visit will give you 20% discount per visit.


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The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.
— Marie Kondo

Things To Consider When Booking Professional Cleaning Services

In reality, there are many things that we have to consider before getting a professional help in cleaning. We have to be careful as well in making simple decisions like this, to ensure that we are getting the most of what we are paying.


> How big is the place that needs the cleaning?

This will dictate the base price, and the amount of some extra services.

> What is the condition of the house?

This is to be able to identify the type of cleaning services that you need. We may not have cleaning packages, but our services are customizable and flexible enough to be tailored fit to your preferences and needs.

> What type of cleaning is applicable for my cleaning needs?

We need to identify this  so that we can achieve a completely clean home. This will also allow you to know what  you can expect on the cleaning service that you hire.

> How soon do I need the cleaning service?

There are cleaning services that needs time to book, here at Cleaning Services Minneapolis, we do offer same day cleaning services. But it is still best to set up the appointment ahead of time to ensure that there will be available slot for you.

> How many times do I need the cleaning service?

Some people only need the cleaning service only once, while many people are opting for a regular cleaning services.

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