Move Out Cleaning Minneapolis

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Are you renting an apartment and your lease is up? You have to move out but yet needs to restore the apartment to its original condition? Then you can hire a professional cleaner to help you with your move out cleaning or, you can also do it yourself.

We consider our deposit money back when moving out because of course, it will be a great help for us since when moving into a new apartment, we will again need to pay for the deposit fee and also, sometimes, we would tend to use it as a payment for the movers as moving out requires trucking service and also we need to hire them to help us transfer, lift, and bring all furniture, personal things, and belongings to your new house.

There are a lot of things to consider in moving out and it is not that easy as packing all your things and just go. In order to have a seamless transition in moving out of the apartment, we need to take consideration doing these things so it will be beneficial for you, the landlord, and the new occupants of the apartment.

Notify the Landlord/Owner of the Apartment

It is important to let the landlord know that you are planning to leave the apartment soon. Give them ample notice so they will know what to do next if they will try to win you back or let other people or potential renters know that the unit will be vacant soon. In order to do this, you need to check your lease contract, it is indicated there if when will your lease be up and also if it requires an advance notice from you when you decided to move out of the apartment.

Check your Balance

We need to make sure that everything has been covered and paid in full such as rental dues, gas, electric, internet, and all other utilities that are not included in the rent. We do not want to be chased by the landlord and be called on our cellphones every day because of unpaid bills.

Leave the unit Empty as if no one lived there

Make sure not to leave anything behind even a very small piece of cloth or even cleaning materials that you think will be useful for the next tenant or the landlord. The landlord might take it differently and not appreciate it, they might end up charging you.

CLAYGO (Clean as you go)

Of course, we want to restore the apartment as if what it looked like when we first enter the apartment. It is beneficial to the landlord/owner since they do not have to hire cleaners to do it for them, it will help them save some money, it will also be beneficial to the new tenants since they do not have to spend money to hire professional cleaners and also, it will save them some time and effort if they choose to do the cleaning themselves. 

When you opt to get a house cleaning services when you move out it helps you ensure that you can get your security deposit in full amount instead of having it reduced because you need to pay for the cleaning needs and it might be more than the amount compared to hiring a professional cleaner yourself. Maid cleaning services will save your reputation, letting the new tenants say that you were a very responsible person for leaving the unit clean, presentable and ready to be occupied.

Another reason is that it can help you save time and of course it is more convenient. Because moving to a new place is never easy. From packing your things, cleaning your apartment before leaving, preparing your new home, unpacking your belongings and organizing them in your new home. There’s a lot to do when moving. So hiring a professional cleaner will help you make everything easier than it should be. Instead of spending so much time when moving you can do it faster than you though with the help of cleaning companies.

Here are some tips to make sure that the apartment will be spotless: 

  • Arrange all the cleaning materials and equipment all together in one place. It will be easier for you to reach and find the materials you need for cleaning. 

  • Start cleaning by dusting, sweeping and removing cobwebs. Make sure to use dry cleaning materials to avoid the dust and dirt from spreading.  

  • It is recommended to clean each part of the house one by one from top to bottom, from left to right, and from back to front, also, make sure to start away from any doors so that you can avoid stepping on the part that has already been cleaned. 

  • If you have pets, make sure to clean all the stains they have created. Disinfect or fumigate if it is necessary. 

  • Here is a checklist to make sure that you covered everything that needs to be cleaned before moving out.


  1. Clean everything you can see from BBQ grills, patio/balcony, and outdoor furniture. 

  2. Remove the dust from window sills and cobwebs on the walls and ceilings. 

  3. Clean the front and backyards by sweeping the paths, cutting the lawn, and weeding the garden. 

  4. Make sure to check the outdoor lighting if it is working or not so you can also have it repaired or replaced. 

  5. Sweep the driveway and the garage, ensure that you remove the oil marks. 

  6. Remove all trash and wash off all household bins. 

  7. Clear out the mailbox/postbox. 


  1. Clean all the cabinets, drawers, closets, shelve, and wardrobe and make sure to empty it. 

  2. Check switches if all are working, clean it and disinfect. 

  3. Wipe clean the windows, doors, stairs, and baseboards. 

  4. Clean the vents, air conditioning, and also wash and dry the filters. 

  5. Wash and dry the blinds and curtains. 

  6. Wipe clean the light bulbs, chandelier, and ceiling fan blades. 

  7. Clean any furniture or upholstery provided. 

  8. Remove any floor stains created by your pets. 


  1. Clean all the appliances inside and out including the microwave, oven, refrigerator, stove, racks, grills, trays, and dishwasher. Remove all the stains and disinfect. 

  2. Clean and wash the range hoods and filters. Make sure that the overhead light is working properly fine. 

  3. Ensure that the tap and sink are clean and keep the sinkholes free from leftover food and debris to avoid it from being clogged. 

  4. Wash the counter tops, tables, surface areas, and benches. 

  5. Clean the garbage disposals.


  1. Clean the walls by scrubbing it. 

  2. Vacuum and steam clean or shampoo all the carpets and make sure to dry it. 

  3. Mop the floor tiles and floorboards.


  1. Wipe, clean and disinfect toilets, bathtub, shower, faucet, basins, showerheads, nozzle, and screens. 

  2. Make sure that all the fixtures and facilities are free of mildew and soap residues. 

  3. Wipe clean, dust, and polish the toilet paper holders and towel rails. 

  4. Clean the ceiling fans, counter tops, and mirrors. 

  5. Wash all surfaces including tiled areas, benches, sinks, taps, and plugs. Clean and drain the sinkholes and remove all the molds from grout, tiles, walls, and ceilings by scrubbing. 

  6. Clean the washers and dryers inside and out. 

Fix every little thing that you broke

Ensure to fix the broken toilet bowl, chipped bathtub, and chewed blinds by your pets. It is your responsibility to report it to the landlord/owner to have it fixed and bill you for the damage.

Schedule an inspection before you move out

Ask your landlord/owner to walk through the apartment with you so that both of you can check everything inside and out and for you to fix the issues to avoid other charges on your final bill. Make sure both parties agreed that everything is fine and settled.

Return your Keys

Make sure to surrender all your keys to the landlord/owner on the day of your scheduled move-out date to avoid any hassle of not returning the keys.

Finally, everything is set and you are ready to move out of your old space and move into your new home.

Gladys Perez